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  1. I recently renovated my resale HDB and I highly recommended Leong Yik Engineering P/L. When I was looking for an ID, I did not find the right company to work with. Many of them did not give me a good impression of their experience, gave the usual sales talk and/or high prices for things that I wanted to do. Some "recommended" or "popular" IDs do not want to consider the job because I only wanted to do some minor touch-ups. After narrowing it down to two companies (one is an ID), I ended up using a contractor because the manager, Mr. Vara, spelled out the work and the price was reasonable. The site manager, Mr. Vara, is very patient, has a good work attitude, responsible, and easy to work with. I made many demands on big and small matters and I am pleased to say that he did not once show me any unhappiness. He even helped me to negotiate with some other service providers such as the aircon installation. And when I had to do some renovations which I did not expect after minor touch-ups, I called Mr. Vara back. The tiles in all the rooms popped out. I had no choice but to do a full tiling job for all the rooms. Mr. Vara gave me a fair price for the tiling job (3 rooms). Not only that, but we also had to match the tiles with the rest of the apartment, so he helped me to hunt for the tiles. I know for a fact that he went to many places to search for the exact tiles and I am very happy that after many places, we found the tiles we need. Needlessly say that at this point, I felt that Mr. Vara and myself are a team now. When the team came to do the tiling job, they showed me that the previous tiling job was not good. There was only sand and very little floor screed to hold the tiles. During the tiling job by the Leong Yik Engrg team, I can see that they use concrete and screed for the flooring. After a short time, Mr. Vara and Leong Yik Engrg team manage to deliver the tiling job. I am very pleased with their work. Before the tiling, every corner I knock (on the floor), I hear a hollow sound. After the tiling job, anywhere I knock on the floor, there is a solid sound. The surface of the floor is flat and the workmanship is excellent. I have built-in wardrobes in all the rooms and they even managed to avoid scratches on the wardrobes. I cannot tell how much I appreciate Mr. Vara's patience and the team's workmanship. I have only the highest praises for them.
  2. Hi Gerrard, I'll be grateful if you can share the contact, thanks! Email : amespring@gmail.com
  3. Hi, Your renovation looks great! Could you share your contractor's details with me? My name is amespring@gmail.com
  4. Hi! Could you share your contractor's detail with me? My email is amespring@gmail.com
  5. Hi, Your renovation looks great. Could you share your contractor's detail please? My email is amespring@gmail.com
  6. Wow, your renovation is great! I am trying to achieve similar looks with my 5-room too. May I know how much did it cost you? And if you could kindly share your contractor's details with me? My email is amespring@gmail.com.
  7. Hi! Care to share your contractor's details with me? My name is amespring@gmail.com
  8. Hi! Care to share the details of your contractor. My email is amespring@gmail.com