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  1. Online there's so many good direct contractors. Rather than asking for recommendations which many are self advertising, do your own research. For vinyl, there's evorich which is good carpentry there's heng lai furniture, Mr Carpenter painting there's LHC Coatings some which are the contractors I have used, which can be found on FB. my recommendation, do some research and meet up with the ones you prefer and get the one you are comfortable in. knowledge is the best key to help you save money I feel and rmb direct contractors rarely involve themselves in more than 2 professions. As I believe every direct contractor have their own expertise. Don't have to use those that I have shared. but at least do some research and make a sensible decision for yourself.
  2. guys, there's so many direct contractors nowadays. for every part of renovation for your place. why do u guys even wan to go thru IDs, not all but most know nuts about renovation? and what I meant by direct contractors are the ones that individually do carpentry, toilet works etc. not those uncle contractor that will do everything. come on this is a internet era, and so many such contractors can be found. from a home owner disgusted with ID
  3. Nice advertisement. From carpentry to plumbing, there so many direct contractors now. why do u need an ID. Some don't even know the difference between the different paint types, material etc
  4. nice advertisement. so many direct contractors these days. why do u need an ID
  5. well bro, I am sure they have certain online presence or minimally a FB. else I will recommend you to skip. So many direct contractors these days online, FB u can search for.
  6. Assuming that your contractor is a Msian. why would u even spend on him? does he even have business registration in Singapore? licensed worker in Singapore? at the end of the day, if we go for such contractors, who else to blame but ourselves
  7. having read through this, it simply goes down to a lack of research and knowledge. Most IDs/Contractors these days are self proclaimed. No matter the size of the firm, they all outsource to sub contractors which I believe are paid peanuts. Theres so many direct contractors with real knowledge and quality works these days and having a stronger presence online already. it probably just require some work to search for them and do some coordination between them, which my 1 of my contractor helped to coordinate thru WhatsApp. simple. Avoiding contractors that can do carpentry and something else is one of the best advice I can offer. No company can afford the expertise of both. So I rather just go for individual companies who are good in their individual field. Slightly more hassle but a great saving to minus off any commission cut. so instead of whining about your IDs, just search for a efficient direct contractor
  8. Bro there's so many these days on fb, online. take some time to read through the reviews. From carpentry, tiles, overlays, curtains to painting. u ask here it will be contractors promoting themselves. for carpenters there's like Heng Lai furniture carpentry, The carpenters' legacy etc painting companies there's like SZ Painting Singapore, LHC Coatings Pte Ltd etc at the end of the day, which such direct contractors are you comfortable in and have a strong knowledge of what they are doing.
  9. there's a time to save and time to get a professional. from painting to carpentry, there's a reason why there are professionals. DIY is possible if you have the necessary knowledge and tools. Else why do you wan to save that bit of money and spoil the look of your home. you wouldn't DIY a LV bag won't you?
  10. Nice, cost effective and seemingly quality works. so many direct contractors nowadays for individual works. its pretty dumb to engage an ID already