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  1. Wow, hvnt seen blinds used for bedroom partition before, unique. How much is that? And for the whole reno?
  2. Thanks for sharing. Think I hv to go for other brands then. The work table u use looks so pro!
  3. Is there extra charge to shift lan point? I like where u choose to put your TV. Much compact n makes the living rm look spacious. How fast does singtel install for u after sign up? Abt how much? Sorry to ask so many questions. Total clueless abt such stuff.
  4. Ah... Thank you understand the need for storage esp when we hv such limited space. Btw did u shift your TV point? Most ppl I see use the long wall (where your sofa is) for TV. Are there any amenities nearby yr place? Seem quite ulu still.
  5. Congrats @BunniBoi! Your home looks simple n spacious. For the bedroom though, is it too squeezy to do platform bed with storage wardrobe? Able to show pic of walkin space? My new unit also type 2. Lookin to do platform bed too.