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  1. Guys, I'm looking for somebody who could help find the best place with bad credit? Any clues?
  2. Is there anyone who actually trusts this kind of "offers"? I mean, seriously, as soon as you start reading that freaking post, I understood that it is some sort of a scam. This kind of loan agencies have never been trustworthy, I would prefer to go for a proper credit from a bank, rather than getting this kind of loans! The last time I have got a loan, I have invested all of my money into a gambling on a platform recommended by www.slotsformoney.com. Since then, I have been earning my living out of gambling.
  3. Well... yeah that is really looking interesting, I cannot tell you who is right and who is wrong, as the whole set up looks really... awkward actually. I guess you both have a point, however the plumber should have come back and repair this mess. I mean, he is a freaking professional, and professionals do not act like that. That is exactly why, I am only using the services of https://sosplomberie.be/debouchage-etterbeek-sos-plomberie in case I am having a plumbing problem. They are having some of the best plumbers!
  4. I think the vast majority of girls don't really understand that facial care and makeup go hand in hand. First of all, your skin has to be healthy for makeup to be applied on. If we talk about eye care routine, I personally use a serum for the undereye area. I use a facial roller so that the serum soaks better and also increases blood circulation. The following day my skin looks so much better, and there's no puffiness around my eyes. I've also got a cool eye cream that I apply before going to bed. After I wake up, I apply my makeup, and I look 10 years younger. Because I take care of my eyes daily, my fake lashes also make me look glamorous. I've recently tried the 5D Mink lashes from https://www.acelashes.com/, and I honestly looked like a Barbie doll!
  5. I don't have much experience with ID's publicizing on social media. I am genuinely unsure where you could actually seek help regarding this issue. Although, in the past, I used services provided by BuzzVoice. Those guys helped me get thousands of Facebook post likes very fast. This is how I managed to grow my audience! Instead of spending enormous amounts of money buying the awards for the contests, I realized that I should think wisely and invest that money in the BuzzVoice packages. These packages allowed me to increase the engagement on my page!
  6. Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
  7. Maybe try to not use drugs? Ok I was joking, hope you got me. But let's say that every joke has a part of truth in it. So if you want to pass successfully the drug test, just make a pause between the consumption, and the test, or just use legal drugs. Personally, I prefer the second variant. I am using CBD edibles sometimes, and I never had a problem with them. I buy them from https://weedsmart.net/product-category/weed-edibles-canada/beverages/, and I am not going to lie, I use them for a wile, and till now everything is fine.
  8. Hi all, I am about to open my own dental cabinet. I'm so excited about this, but I have a small problem. The thing is I'm a dentist, and don't understand anything in construction and design. I know on this forum people talk about renovation and construction. Are here any specialist who can guide me to make the most marvelous and modern dental cabinet in the world?
  9. Believe me, you will not understand from the photo in what a beautiful place I vacationed. You will be able to understand how beautiful it is only when you visit it yourself. My friends and I for a long time we could not think of where we could fly to relax. Just all the places that the tour operator offered us were boring, and we had already visited many of them. When we realized that the tour operator couldn't help us in any way, we decided to search on the Internet for interesting places to stay. I came across the https://carbisbayholidays.co.uk/location/cottages-st-ives/, and I was attracted not by the description of the place, but by the services that were represented. When we arrived at that place, only then did we realize what a beautiful place we were surrounded by.
  10. Actually, that looks quite good, but I am allergic to this scented candle. So I have a big problem when it comes to decorating the house. I've tried some flowers, but, I feel that my room needs something more. I want to try to buy a 3D puzzle. Furthermore, I've seen some pictures of them, and some items look wonderful. Does anyone, bought something similar before? I am curious to hear your opinion on that. In case there is someone that wants to help me, I will be grateful for that. Thank you in advance.
  11. Oh, thanks for sharing. I really need some professional AC services.
  12. Well, those photos are looking really great actually! I am looking to move into a new house pretty soon, I hope it will be at the end of march, maybe the first part of april. I am moving back to Phoenix, the place where I grew up and spent my entire childhood, in genral 80% of my life has been spent in there. So, I will actually need someone to make a good kitchen and a bathroom, but I want it really quick. Thanks to https://www.midmodphoenix.com/ we found our new home really fast, so we want to move in as quick as possible.