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Jiang Cheng


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Unlock the Ultimate Home Security Bundle!! 🔒🎁 Get a FREE induction cooker when you purchase our The Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock + Hafele GL5700 Digital Gate Lock OR Get the Hafele DL7600 Fire Rated Digital Lock + Hafele GL5700 Digital Gate Lock + FREE Hafele Induction Cooker https://www.godigitallock.com/promotions/



·        Hafele Digital Lock: Smart Home Security at Your Fingertips!

·        Multiple access modes and features

·        Integrated home security solutions

·        Control door access via mobile app

·        Various designs and models for different doors and preferences


Key Features Hafele Digital Lock Fingerprint Recognition:

·        Advanced Biometric Technology: This lock uses some seriously cool fingerprint recognition technology to unlock the door. Just touch your finger on the sensor, and it’ll open right up, so there’s no keys to keep track of.


·        Multiple Access Methods: It offers a ton of options for accessing the lock. You can unlock it with a PIN code, a key card, or the regular metal key – whichever you prefer. Lots of options!


·        Smart Connectivity: This lock can connect to your smart home system through WiFi or Bluetooth. That means you can unlock the door remotely from your phone app, which is super convenient.


·        Anti-Tampering Design: The lock is built like a tank. It’s designed to resist tampering, so thieves will have difficulty getting in.


·        Battery Backup : It even has a backup battery inside, so the lock will keep working during power outages. That way, you’ll always be able to access the door when needed.


·        User-Friendly Interface : The controls are easy to use. The display makes it simple to set up various access codes for family members or guests.


·        Event Tracking : Best of all, it keeps track of who comes and goes. You can check the access log to see the exact time for each door opening and closing. That level of access history is awesome.


Don't miss out! Our limited-time bundle promotion offers top-notch digital lock technology for your doors and gates with unbeatable prize.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


Hafele Digital Lock Bundle Promotion.jpeg

Hafele Digital Lock Bundle Promotion.jpeg


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