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Home & Furnishing: All types of doors

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My bedroom doors - solid veneer

and my storeroom door - hollow veneer


My kitchen's top-hung solid timber glass sliding door.

Chose the colour to match my inner room doors & my living/dining furniture.

But now sort of regret it

cos the colour doesn't match the kitchen cabinets & dining room wall painting


Sliding door when opened as seen from the kitchen


May I know your bedroom door price and contacts, the door frame price included in? Pls mail me " apple_jiangj@yahoo.com". thanks


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Hi All,

Need some enlightenment, is there such thing as solid veneer door? I thought...

There is only solid nyatoh door which is the traditional door with small square or rectangle on it. Those door can't be use for veneer nor laminate.

If want veneer or laminate door, the door can only be semi-hollow or hollow?


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Got the doors from Yontat


Solid veneer door with Yale lock $260 w/o GST

Hollow veneer door with Yale lock $210 w/o GST


Just to check, if I get Yontat to replace my doors. Will they help me to dispose my old doors?

If yes, do they charge?

Thank you.


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The definition of a door is, according to Merriam-Webster.com, "a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened." Doors are present in the walls of most structures, allowing access within and egress to the outside. There are many interior and exterior door types serving specific purposes. Doors provide security, prohibit sound and air movement, allow light to enter a room, conceal spaces and serve as architectural elements in a home or building.There are Six types of doors 1. Slab Door, 2. French Door, 3. Screen Door, 4. Sliding Patio Door, 5. Pocket Door, 6. Bi-fold and Bypass Doors.entry doors

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Hi, anyone install this door for ur bedroom? can share where n price pls? below is the sample but i want the louvre to be on top instead of the bottom..



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Could anyone advise me, please?

I am renovating my house, an old executive condo, bought recently. I would change my 3 bedroom doors and their frames. I would also change my main entrance door and the frame. The floor has already been hacked. I would have marble flooring for the living n dining rooms. The marble is not laid yet. I am keeping the parquet flooring in the 3 bedrooms.

What I am very worried about is this:

1) Should the door frames be installed first, then lay the cement screed on the floor in the living and dining rooms? The marble slaps will later be laid on the cement screed.

2)Or should the cement screed be laid first, then install the door frames?

Could you please advise me? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking option 1 or 2?

I will appreciate your advice.



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your timber glass doors for kitchen are absolutely beautiful, very classy. Don't regret lah, maybe your kitchen cupboards can get carpenter to oil or paint to a darker shade to match.

btw pls pm me your contractor contact too, need to do glass kitchen sliding door too. Kam xia


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