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3-room Resale In The West

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we got the keys for a 3room resale around west area sometime in Jan 2010 but only confirmed the main contractor by March. our idea was to try to DIY as much of the renovation ourselves as possible. Not to say that we do the physical work ourselves but to sub-con the work out to as many small suppliers as possible to minimise cost.

watch the transformation begin..... :thumbs up:


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sharing some pre reno pictures...


master bedroom. the floor tiles are actually still in ok condition.. but will be covering them up with laminate eventually... the toilet entrance is to the right...


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master bedroom toilet


the condition of the toilet is really quite bad. half tiled walls with cracked ceiling. the pipes looked to be in bad condition as well... haiz...


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pipes at master bedroom toilet


the said pipes. it's really in quite bad condition but i will be removing most of it as i will not be having a water closet in the master bedroom toilet. there will just be a shower area blocked with glass and the basin will hopefully be our 'dry area'.


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pipes at common toilet


it also looks very old and we are concerned with leaking problems.. so will be changing these as well.. note that both toilets are half tiled.. so the upper half of the walls are cracking and peeling at some parts already..


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old kitchen cabinets


we later tore these down ourselves and saved ourselves a little money... it was not really that difficult after all.. and can get town council people down to clear the debris somemore... hahah..


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original kitchen entrance


the original kitchen entrance.. i took this picture at night so it's a little dark in the background.. later tore off the walls at the sides.. so my new kitchen will be more based on open concept.. wanted a brighter and bigger look overall..


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breakdown of reno work....

hacking works - designer house

  • Hack store room wall
  • hack all doors and door frames, including main door
  • hack kitchen wall
  • hack existing WC and basins
  • hack 2 bedroom doorways
  • hack concrete sink support
  • hack rubbish chute
  • hack kitchen wall tiles
  • hack cornice
Cost: $1600

tiling and making good - Designer House

  • make good walls after hacking away kitchen wall, store wall
  • make good bedroom doorway and supply 2 timber door frame
  • top up kitchen floor
  • patch up store floor
  • seal 2 bedroom entrance
  • hack and patch portion of kitchen cabinet base
  • remove MBR WC and patch up floor tiles
  • acid wash to whole house
  • construct shower curb to MBR toilet
  • hack and patch skirting
  • extend both toilet wall tiles to full height
  • patch up kitchen floor tiles with cement
  • screed kitchen wall
  • overlay common toilet floor with tiles
Cost: $3840

Plumbing works - Designer House

  • convert squatting to sitting WC
  • install 2 basin with tap
  • install 2 sets shower mixer
  • fix mirror and accessories
  • replace pipes with s/steel pipes
  • install kitchen sink with taps
  • install inlet and outlet piping for kitchen and washing machine
  • install 2 hot water point to shower area
  • change big pipes for 2 toilet and kitchen
Cost: $2040

miscellaneous works - Designer House

  • supply & install 10mm Frameless Tempered Glass Shower Screen at MBR Toilet
  • supply & install 10pcs of glass panel to existing naco window at Common Toilet
  • General Cleaning & Debris clearance after completion
Cost: $580

painting - Designer House

  • kitchen 3 in 1 paint
  • rest of the house - martex paint
  • includes sanding of walls and patching of holes and pulling out of nails, etc
Cost: $900

door gate and window grills

  • wrought iron main gate
  • wrought iron window grills for living rooms and common bedroom
  • kitchen aluminium window grill
Cost: $760


  • main door with attached lock
  • 2 bedroom doors with knobs
Cost: $890


  • kitchen (clear glass)
  • living room (light tinted)
  • 2 bedrooms (dark tinted)
  • 1 bi-fold door for common toilet
Cost: $1195.20

Spray paint

  • 2 toilet walls
  • MBR toilet floor
  • kitchen floor
Cost: $2700

laminate flooring - floor xpert

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 living room
  • normal skirting
  • 2 colors in total
Cost: $1699

the rest to be confirmed.....

Edited by baby81984

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reno works officially started on 10th March... missed taking photos right after hacking coz of work... pictures all taken on 13 Mar, sat.... hacking is fast...


my kitchen beam after removing the kitchen entrance wall...


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i sealed up 2 parts of the old bedroom entrance to extend my bedroom sizes. indeed, the result was quite satisfying.


view of the wall separating the spare bedroom and master bedroom. hollow bricks already up.


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