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Retire Before 50

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My wife and I are both planning to retire as soon as possible (even before 50 if possible), but at this point in time it's still a bit tough.

Even with just servicing our Reno loan and other monthly miscellaneous expenses (we try not to spend too much, but we usually don't have much savings left after paying all the instalment plans and bills), we find it hard to stay afloat for now.

So as a matter of practicality, we both don't intend to have children - we both find it highly unlikely for us to be able to afford the costs of raising a child. Notwithstanding hospitalisation fees, there's still food, diapers, medical fees, clothes etc.

Although we're both still young (I'm early 30s, wife is late 20s), we're seriously looking into how to retire - we don't look forward to scurrying in the rat race till the best years of our lives are gone! I am a strong believer that given our short lives, we work to live, and not live to work. So Living life should be more important.

We do have a lot we Want to do - creating little handicrafts (to sell if we ever become good enough at it), taking up music lessons, language lessons, completing a loooong list of books we want to read, travelling, volunteering at pet shelters, etc.

I think it'd be tragic if we were to find ourselves earning massive amounts of money one day but without the energy or idealism to pursue the things we'd Love to do.

sorry if i am blunt. but if you do not have much savings left, how are you going to retire at 50?


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I happen to join Renotalk as I was renovating my retirement home.

Just retire to spend more time with my family.

I am 40 and my 2 baby are 8 and 10 years old.

May continue to retire if I can be a good help to society. Otherwise will come out of retirement later in 2016.



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Win TOTO first prize :dribble:

Win TOTO first prize provided is solo winner. The last ang bao draw 10mil, even if 10 winners, each get ard 1 mil also not enough loh. Nowadays, 1mil even not even to buy pte property in SG.


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I think HDB's 2009 launch of 'Lease buyback scheme' is a milestone - at least some commitment from gov to inject cash helping those 65yo......

3rm extended to 4rm....

5 room?

House owner can any time sell to downgrade and get $ for retirement, right?

What do you think?


The 'half downpayment' scheme also helps old couple to down grade but to get 'new' flat?

Just another option? Why must get new flat at old age? A 'standby' tool to settle too many left over new flats ?


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I hope I will be healthy and not get sick/incapacitated by some disease like dementia, heat attack, cancer, etc....

This way, I can work until I drop dead and will not give my child any financial & emotional burden. And she can collect $ from my insurance pay-out.

And (just) hopefully, she has a chance to retire.


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