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  1. TedDibiase

    Reasonable price ?

    The pricing seems more or less correct according to me
  2. TedDibiase

    Chemical Wash

    What a way to put it but its a good way to deal with contractors
  3. If you are worried about footsteps just seal the tile or just do a weekly mopping no need to be an over zealous mopper
  4. TedDibiase

    Turning Glossy tiles to Matte surface?

    Actually why you want to convert your tiles to matte if you don't mind me asking? Glossy tiles seems rather nice
  5. TedDibiase

    Tile And Grout Cleaning

    I think it probably has to do with the type of paint used
  6. For staircase and floor polishing i remember the polishing rates should be different because of different materials
  7. Why not just purchase online or from taobao?
  8. TedDibiase

    The Cleaning Of Dirty Tiles And Grouts

    In this case its toilet tiles so a steam vacuum won't really help as the toilet already has alot of moisture from the way the OP describes
  9. TedDibiase

    Overlay vs Hacking

    The waterproofing part is an issue for overlay, so its better in my own opinion to hack and relay it
  10. TedDibiase

    Birds Control

    Very interesting service i have to say
  11. Now i know why old HDB flats cost so much
  12. TedDibiase

    Homogeneous Tiles Servicing

    Same here as well, it would maybe be rather interesting to have different rooms with different grouts though
  13. TedDibiase

    Acid Wash

    Got what you meant, lime stains i think in our climate quite common actually
  14. TedDibiase

    Tips for laundry

    But would not warm or hot water remove dirt from the fabrics more easily?
  15. TedDibiase

    Mouldy/dirty Bathroom Ceiling

    You make the mold sound like a ghost