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Seeking Legal Custody Of My 2 Nieces

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Hi all...

Need any advise I can get. I wish to seek custody of my husband's 2 nieces ( 1 & 4 yrs old )

I know very well that the woman's charter prevents me from getting custody unless the mother gives up her rights.

Is there ANY way I can still get custody ? I'm not well off but I can afford to rise 2 kids with the help of their father , who is my hubby's younger brother.

My bro in law has no problems giving up custody as he knows he does not have means to raise 2 kids on his own , his wife cldn't care less about

the 2 kids. She out most of the time doing god knows what !! Sometimes doesn't even come back home. My bro in law has since moved out.

The biggest obstacal is his mum in law who pulls all the strings and keeps interfering in their marriage. She's constantly covering up for her daughter

behaviour and blames it on my bro in law . Keeps asking for $$$ 24/7 !! Mum in law is also harassing my sis in law for money , claiming it's for the kids.

The only reason they want custody is to get maintenance money and squeeze him dry somemore.

Another question is :

The divorce is not finalized yet , my bro in law filed for divorce just about 2-3 weeks ago. In that case , can he bring his kids to stay with us 1st ?

Coz he's still has legal rights as a father , and I have no problem informing his mum in law & wife where we stay. They are free to visit the kids. till custody begins. Can they charge us for kidnap ??

We really want custody as we know the kids has been neglected and we really want to adopt them.

We have thought about this for the longest time and are prepared to care for them. Is there any way I can seek legal custody ??


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my advice,

u shld not be seeking such advice here. the only advice u shld be seeking is that of ur brother-in-law's divorce lawyer. u can't be sure any advice given here by anyone is the right one with proper legal regulations behind it. anyone in the virtual world can claim to be a lawyer. and mind you, a conveyancing lawyer is probably not familiar with the rules and policies of the Family Court and vice versa.

so it's best that u have a detailed discussion with your BIL's divorce lawyer. if you're not convinced of what his divorce lawyer says or don't like what he says, den seek a second opinion from another experienced divorce lawyer. they will advise you accordingly.


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Thks for your advise,

Problem is my BIL doesn't have a lawyer. He can't afford it.

If he lost custody of his 2 kids , then there's nothing much we can do.

But in the mean time , can he bring his kids to stay with us 1st ? He'll be staying with us too as we have a spare room that we don't use and

it's fully furnish for him and his kids. If he loses custody , then we'll gladly give up the kids , but at least we get to spend more time with them.


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read this


Legal Aid Bureau

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may apply to the government-run Legal Aid Bureau for assistance. The Legal Aid Bureau is situated at:

45 Maxwell Road #08-12

The URA Centre, East Wing

Singapore 069118

Tel: (65) 1800 325 1424 (toll-free)

Fax: (65) 63251402

Website: www.lab.gov.sg

Please note that you have to pass a Means Test to qualify for assistance from the Legal Aid Bureau. The Means Test is a procedure to ascertain your financial position.


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I did look up the legal aid. But his annual income is $12k/ annum. So he does not qualify coz to apply legal aid, his income must be $10k/annum. But i'm not too sure this amount is before or after CPF. The contact number provided does not have any operators to answer any enquries.

I also did consider getting a PI, but I can't afford to pay on my own and my bro in law can't afford it as well.

We just met the girl's family last night , seeking permission to take the kids home, my bro in law is also present.

To keep things short , we were fooled by the in laws, who said that my bro in law already filed for divorce , so the wife has FULL custody till judge give final orders. When I asked where are the rights of the father, they told me he has NO RIGHTS!

And refuse to let us take the kids , even when we provide them with our address & contact number.

When I asked which law states that the father has no rights ? They are not divorced yet !!

They said this is law by the women's charter !

Since We didn't want to make a scene , we left the house but did inform them that we'll be coming back on Friday to pick the kids up.


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