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Aircon Servicing... Coolserve? After Service Warranty 90 Days?

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Hello all
i have been looking for reliable aircon servicing (cos eventually all is the same, i just want a company who can do the job and someone accountable for if something goes wrong)
So... i found this aircon.guru and my feedback

- online platform. No need to talk so much.
- fast. Aircon.guru admin respond in 24 hours with the confirmation based on my request date!
- reasonable price (unless if u compare to those online offers or promotional coupons.. Then no need to fight)
- documents in ur account like receipt (best for me who rents a place and need to prove to my LL)
- they use reliable aircon servicers (well the one who came was ok. No complaint)

- repair is based on special request. They do booking for standard service like regular service and chemical wash (not overhaul) even additional like top up gas also to discuss with vendor when they come do the job.
- they dont have their own labour. They use other aircon vendors to do the job (hmm.. Same point like pro above)

Overall - good. Provided u dun have issue with your units. The admin said they can help if u need repair by getting their vendor to come down - thats out of their scope but they willing to assist.
Its definitely convenient for online ppl like us.

Think they quite new. Dont see much comments in forums about them

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Just to share, i have done my servicing with Aircon.guru, after discussing this with another user in a different forum. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. all your booking info and request and schedule is in your account. Any changes you can live-chat with them or contact them. the Admin is pretty on the ball. But they do only standard stuff - regular cleaning, chemical wash and chemical overhaul.

if you need repair, better to get someone else who can come and review. Altho Aircon.guru said they can help FOC, in terms of repair work they will just be the middle man to do the coordination.


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hi, do you guys know if the aircon.guru do yearly contracts?

jus moved into town.. got so many thigns to settle and soon it will be this 'quarterly aircon servicing' that my landlord has in the contracts.

The rental contracts here can be such a pain... !!


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Hi, I have never tried coolserve before but I would like to recommend Aircon Republic Pte Ltd. Their owner is cool and friendly, more importantly not there to burn your pocket. You can search online for their reviews and check it out before using them.

The reason why I used them was through my colleagues. I have also made a research on their company and found their reviews to be good. I have also very bad experience with my previous AC vendor due to unreasonable prices and poor knowledge. Overall I am very happy to have used Aircon Republic and would highly recommend their service.

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Hi, sharing a site that has compiled reviews of aircon companies for your easy reading before deciding which to use. Do check it out.

See Reviews of Singapore Aircon Brands (daikin, mitsubishi etc.) and for installers/services see Singapore Aircon Companies

Disclaimer: I work with this website, but thought it might come in handy for those thinking of looking for air con installation and servicing.


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The above site looks not bad. Mine aircon was recently serviced by ALV Aircon, they did a good job. Aircon feels cooler after the cleaning. But i also encountered not so good one, where last time i tried one company recommended by my neighbour, but i feel not very good..


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Do not use Tech-V Air Cool Engineering.  Their technicians damaged the evaporators my newly installed aircons.  Below is the full story:

In Jan 2017, I engaged a reputable air-con contractor to install a new set of Mitsubishi split air-conditioners for my living room and two bedrooms. In addition, I have an existing air-con maintenance contract with Tech-V Air Cool Engineering to service the air-cons on a quarterly frequency.  

I have been using Tech-V for a few years already and because each maintenance team has different level of skills and work attitude, my overall satisfaction have ranged from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 

On 17 March 2017, a team came to service the air-con. About a month later, I wanted to remove the filtering nets of the indoor units for routine cleaning and was shocked to see that some parts of the evaporator coils were dented. That happened in all the three indoor units (see pictures attached).  

And again after another team came to service the air-cons on 6 July 2017, there were new dents on other parts of the evaporator coils. Now I understand why all the evaporator coils were badly dented in my old air-cons which were serviced by Tech-V. 

On 25 Oct 2017, when I feedback to the technicians who came over for routine servicing, they say damage caused by vacuum cleaning is "inevitable". However, I find such a lame explanation unacceptable. When I ask them what if those were their very own aircons, would they accept the explanation? They were silent.

When I provide the feedback (with the attached pictures) to the Customer Service, the general attitude was defensiveness, not empathy. I requested to speak with the boss or GM, but they say they will escalate it to their management. To-date I am still waiting for a response. 

I will not renew the contract with Tech-V again when it expires if I am not assured that they will not be causing further damage to the aircons.





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