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My new home was recently completed by Alvin, so here i'm sharing my feedback on the renovation outcome. My place is a 4 room BTO with works done for MBR, 2 x CR, Toilet, Kitchen, LR and SY.

1. Pricing - If you compare to other established ID firm I would say his pricing are much more reasonable quoted. I wouldn't say cheap but it worth every cents you paid for.

2. Creativity - yes he have pretty much a lot of stunning ideas but I would say it comes with experience and effort.

3. Workmanship - If you love to have looks of carpentry works just like me! Than is good news. I would say he have a very capable and skillful carpenter working for him!

I have done a lot of carpentry works from wardrobe to study room cabinet etc.. So I should give him credit for the good job done.

Overall I would say he done a great job for my new home, I have some regrets is that not telling Alvin to change all the S.S.O in my new home.!! Those original S.S.O provided by HDB are super lousy.


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For those who already reno their house with Alvin Aw.

Can kindly feedback about your ren

Hi CCCHua22,

Thanks for the sharing. Could you kindly PM me Alvin Aw's contact details? Much appreciated. Cheers!


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