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The Truth About Speaker Wire.

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A very good article from on speaker cable by Roger Russell...

Who is Roger Russell ??

Author, Artist, Engineer, Inventor, Photographer, Collector, and formerly Director of Acoustic Research at McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. and the originator of McIntosh Loudspeakers




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aiyah......................know i don't buy those thousand dollar cables liao...................

buy those 50cent per meter cables from hardware store can liao......................... :rolleyes:

Haha, you are a really funny chap. So you only know of thousand dollar cables of 50 cent cables.

Please check your local HiFi store to find some decent S$2 cables which will be of the correct gauge to offer a better signal transmission. 50c cables tend to be too small a gauge and can tend to corrode a little especially in the Singapore environment.

If you have money to burn then feel free to do so.

If you are just an average person looking for something reasonably decent then read the comments from the experts like the link posted above and make your own mind up.

Alternatively listen to FKN who clearly believes himself a superior expert to the people who make the Audiophile HiFi. Clearly they should forget about this 'physics' stuff and believe in you and your golden ears (see thread on top ten HiFi myths for that reference). Prove me wrong, please.... Show us a comparative double blind test where the signal is also examined at the end of the cable run to show how remarkably different it is if you use expensive cables.

Bottom line, get something of decent quality but you don't have to spend lots on expensive cable unless you really feel the need. Anything from S$2-S$10 should be fine.



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$10 per meter for cable is okay for those budget systems..........

for those that spend around $5K..........for god's sake, spend more lah.......

it's like you buy a Ferrari .........then use the cheapest tyres and petrol..........what for ???!!!


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