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Hi Everyone,

I am here to share my experience about ADAMAS.

Bought 5 wash basins from them, 3 of them leaked from the bottom, the water actually seep its way out from the under surface.

Bought 4 Ariston Heaters, 1 of them leak from cylinder cover.

Bought 2 sets of rain shower set, 1 of them have manufacturing defect.

My advise is, if anyone of you who bought sanitary fittings from them, be sure you inspect before your contractor install them, else ADAMAS will push the responsibility.


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What kind of manufacturing defects for the rainshower? And what brand and model of the wash basins leaked?

I just bought all my stuff from them - recommended y my contracter.


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wow their products so lousy??

i went to their shop last week and it seems the china lady was very polite and friendly.

i was give a good discount and she is not pushy (yet to purchase from them)

why i drop by this place was that i saw Sin shiang choon next to them and i went in but the sales girl cant even be bother to entertain me so i just walk out and saw this shop .

btw other then their products are deflected, is their pricing good??

or any other place to recommend?

i'm looking for basins, wash basins, hood and hob, water heater etc.. which this shop has it everything.



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I think all suppliers are the same...see your luck too. I used to buy all my stuff from ADAMAS 8 years ago - All lasted until I did my reno last month. The new stuff I bought from Hoe Kee Genting Lane... (only reason i bought from Hoe Kee is they have a big showroom in Genting Lane. Adamas show room at near IMM is not that much stuff. Now I got few problems with the stuff. Please stay away from their house brand. the quality is not good. I bought the WC, i think the design is not balance, i keep trying to get the plumber to make sure the WC is straight, everyplace i measure it is straight, but i still see is not when standing in front of the WC. I guess is manufacturing problem. I bought the better quality cover for the WC also ends up not that balance with the WC...bloody.

I bought the mirror, at the top of the mirror have rusts... i guess the mirror have been in stock for ages, my wife called them and they say all stocks are new, maybe my expectation is too high!!!...bloody, I will take it to the shop soonest and let them see...

I bought the blanco sink for kitchen, i can see the bottom look cracked....since its undermount, i dont think i will want to change it, i just use some silicon to cover the slight crack.

I should have just gone back to adamas.... if you have time to look around, you can get the models and call adamas see they have it or not. Look for May at Jalan Besar branch. Nice lady as last time hahaha

Now i am crossing my fingers that the kitchen and bathroom accessories can last longer.


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