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Barang Barang/ Scanteak

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I am doing a resort theme for my house and was thinking of getting wooden furniture to match the theme. I've seen various furniture shops and have more or less narrowed down to Barang Barang, ScanTeak. Does anyone have previous experience with their furniture? Any suggestions on where else I should go take a look?

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Barang Barang close down liao.

Out of the 3 shop you had mention.

I prefer Barang Barang design and qualty. But.. too bad.. they had close down.

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Really? That's strange. I saw their shop at marina square last weekend.




23 March 2010

Barang Barang's Liquidation

Creditors are invited to file their claims / debts by 19 April 2010. The names and address of the liquidators are stated in the notice here.

12 February 2010


We refer to the notice regarding furniture retailer, Barang Barang Pte Ltd in provisional liquidation published in The Straits Times (12 February 2010). This means the company is in the initial stage of winding up. At the moment, no legal action can be taken without the approval of the Court and on terms the Court may impose - Section 262(3) of the Companies Act.

CASE would like to advise consumers to look out for the Notices Section of major newspapers such as The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. Barang Barang Pte Ltd will be required to put up a Notice to ask all interested parties to notify their interest in due course. Consumers can also contact the provisional liquidator Mr Ferris Chan (instead of Ben Campbell indicated on the newspaper) at 6593 9327 or fchan@kordamentha.com for updates on the winding up proceedings and information on the filing of proof of debt.

Consumers are also advised to seek independent legal advice due to the differing nature, quantum and circumstances surrounding each case.



<h1 class="article_title">Barang Barang goes bust

After filing for voluntary liquidation in February, famed furniture maker Barang Barang announced its Managing Director Lim Kok Hui had resigned “for new prospects” as facebook customer groups go nuts.

Barang Barang was the preferred hangout for many Expat wives and their maids on the weekend shopping for new furniture and that perfect patio ornament.

But low prices hid a deeper secret – the firm was going bust, and now its customers, many of whom prepaid for furniture, are left without a sofa to sit on.

Facebook anti-fans

On facebook an anti-fan site called “Singapore Consumers vs Barang Barang (and parent co KLW Holdings)” had this to say, “Before folding they lured many new customers with clearance sales, taking the cash and promising delivery at a later date. Chances are, Barang Barang already knew they were insolvent, and used the sales to raise cash for their parent company to repay debt.

Creditors are now lining up to file their claims against Barang Barang.

If you’ve bought something from Barang Barang, we need consumers to band together, file a joint complaint with CASE, and make some noise - or never see the cash let alone furniture that we paid for.”

But facebook complaint sites may not be the only difficulties facing the company that owns Barang Barang.

Parent company of Barang Barang, KLW Holdings, is run by executive chairman Lee Boon Teck. It should be noted that the MD, who just resigned, is the brother in law of the executive chairman Lee Boon Teck and the son in law of Mr Lee Choon Tai, a substantial shareholder of KLW.

In an explanation to investors, managing Director Lim’s brother-in-law, executive chairman Lee Boon Tuck, said the board of directors and management “wish to thank Mr Lim Kok Hui for his invaluable past contributions to the company.”

So what next for KLW?

KLW reported it lost $5.7 million in 2009, and this on top of a $3 million loss in 2008. The group only had less than a million cash in the bank at December 2009 and had a loan or loans worth $14 million due sometime 2010.

One of the bank loans of $4.4 million was guaranteed by the company and also certain directors of the subsidiaries.Of course these figures, which were contained in public records released March 1, state that they have not been audited or reviewed by the company’s auditors, and there appears to be no updates since. And as for who will now be an independent director of KLW now that Mr Lim stepped down? None other than the Audit Committee Chairman, Mr Ho Pong Chong.

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Scanteak furniture is very durable. I have a bed frame which has lasted for 20 years, although it now creaks everytime we sleep on it. My sister bought a sofa set from the firm more than fifteen years ago and the wooden frame is still in good condition. However, the firm is unwilling to replace the cushions or cushion covers so you need to look elsewhere for any replacement.

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okaykay: I personally find Scanteak Scandinavian style. Scanteak is using teak wood...so should be durable. Now Scanteak is having sale, so might be worthwhile if you are interested. They also offering 50% off 2 & 1 seater sofa if you purchase a 3 seater! Got myself a 3 seater only as my house not big enough to put more...haha

contact12: Heard that if it starts creaking, the fittings probably need tightening. Maybe you can check it out? Scanteak do sell the replacement covers. I know cause I am ordering an extra set.

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If you are looking for teak furniture, I came across this newly opened shop called Mountain Teak at joo chiat place, just besides Fei Fei wanton Mee. It's those contemporary modem style and quite different from others. They are also having opening sales, you might want to check it out.

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