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Peanuts will only get monkeys.

Have a look and feel of the things b4 buying.

Ikea go good and both not so good furniture

So what was your experience with iKea's Kitchen furnishing and installation? Why do you say it's poor? Or is it based on your personal opinion?


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my friend, single, not a heavy cook, used IKEA for his kitchen . After 1 year, the 'kitchen' is ready to throw away.

i was laughing when he told me that.

use or not, up to u.


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I did up 10ft of bottom cabinets inclusive of sink since dec 2011 so i cant say much in term of quality.. LOL 3mths n i dont cook except only once..porridge?

Play with their online kitchen planner,customize what I want...price pretty reasonable.. walk into ikea n see the stuff..like it..so got them.

I be happy if it can last me 3-5yrs but LOL they got 25yrs warranty..so i shall see by then,if the warranty really is good.

The guys who fix up are a outsourced company, they told me they recently did replace one that is a 21yrs old kitchen!!

anyway just a note : whatever u purchase fm ikea, exclude fixing up charges.. is $28/ft for cabinets, installation of sink is $120, u got to purchase additional plith(sp?) to cover the base of ur cabinets. if u wan them do a simple onsite measurement especially if u have odd corners, it will cost u another $40.

i have heard of good n bad reviews on ikea products and i alsp have friends who complain of their own reno's carpentry,so sometimes is really ur luck and how u use the stuff. :)


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Ikea kitchen cabinet is not bad if you know how to properly use it. It comes with legs as the cabinets are make using compressed wood chip that will expand and rot away if soak in water. Even those high class expensive imported kitchen cabinet also almost same quality as Ikea, the only differences are the counter top material and hinges/drawer/pull-out/lift-up system. However Ikea has catch up too using soft closing hinges and drawer made by blum.

In the past, the really cheap kitchen cabinet from Ikea are usually fixed with postform counter top (made using compressed wood chip, will expand & rot if soak in water or constantly expose to moist), the better ones use solid wood (easily stained, scratches from knife and utensils, burn by pot just remove from stove); only recent years they start to use Himac LG 100% acrylic counter top.

If compare to the higher end imported European kitchen cabinet which uses the non-pores quartz, water & oil proof marble or granite and soft closing with complete servo-drive with full auto close feature for drawers and top cabinets, which may cost $20,000 for 10 ft; Ikea is just $5,000 for 10 ft.


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