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  1. i was told by a bank loan officer, that before they approve the loan, they will check-up about the company too. There are already few cases where some ppl will just keep on open new company, with fanciful names, giving good rates, took yr money and run. Some ppl are blacklisted in the bank system. However if they approach another friend to set up a new company, the banker has to be more vigilent to protect the consumer. So in short, there are already ppl who are conning innocent couples who saves up over the years to do a new flat. And the problem with PTE LTD company is - on one hand u feel safe bcas its like a big company, on the other hand, if they run away, u can't do much about it. U can't sue much if they decide to close down the company. So u make demands that u make payment bit by bit, cash by cash, else u are putting yrself at a risk too. Else, find another company. There are so many renovation firms. Or.... look for referral by friends or recommendation. Ask to view the existing owner's house, see a few, ask their opinion how they feel about the ID they engage. Read their hp message, they should have proof of communications over the past months while renovating. Don't go for just offers or sweet talkers. In yr situation, try to find out the full exact CORRECT name, then thru' yr friends who works in bank(if he has the a/c) or HDB sector, using his name, u will limit to few persons having same name, from there, narrow down to the estimated age by the IC number, then u are able to check the ID's home address (secretly). Make a scene at his house.
  2. it only takes 1 day to complete. Basically its a like a huge vacuum cleaner. It grind and suck the dust at the same time. after that, varnish it like its brand new parquet. U can walk inside the house the following day. It is that simple. BUT.... the following is what the contractor DON'T tell u, esp those who are staying inside the house. The smell is unbearable. It even irritates my eyes to tears... that i have to quickly run out of the house to breath and to "relax" my eye. its like cutting onions. U can't open the window during the first day. Any dust that fly inside the house and makes the floor stuck with the dust as its still 'wet'. So u can only ventilate the room the following day. But bcas u are overseas, no one will ventilate the room for u.
  3. Can u show me yr free 3D and also yr actual home done by other ID? Else, its empty talk again. i am keen to view. If its FOC by that ID firm bcas u have signed THEIR contract, then dont bother. Bcas its common knowledge it comes free once u signed it.
  4. Definitely. Bcas all these ppl are commissioned basis. meaning, no projects, no money. They dont earn by basic salary, or maybe little basic. Unless that ID dont want to earn yr money and find that u are a nuisance and pass to his colleague. LOL... Why u sign when u can't click? Dont believe totally what u read in this forums here. Always open to more ppl, more ideas. Drink coffee with them, see their present jobsite, talk to their present owners, see if they happy or not.
  5. Ya, FOC from where? LOL......... Could it be the ID printed out from one of his 'same' projects and claimed it to do it for you FOC? Unless i signed the contract, then its FOC. Hahahaaaa..... so many gimmicks here. LOL...... Why give FOC when others selling it at $100, 500 or 1000 or any amount they wanna to sell?!
  6. is the toilet bowl u brought from the shops he referred to? if it is, such service is provided by the toilet shop. My ID told me that when he brought me to buy. He said its not the cheapest in singapore, but for sure not expensive but competitive prices. In the event of buying wrong thing or wanna exchange, only need to inform the ID and he will liase with the toilet shop, without the charges. i change my items twice when the size abit too big at shower area. What if the ID is a lady, then how? then how to carry? LOL.... Also, to re-deliver is abt $40. He might choose to absorb yr cost.
  7. What u never tell us is, in the end, do u actually pay more? Everyone knows that the lesser reno works is done, the more expensive it is. And also, the workers who do good at floor tiles, don't mean the carpenter will be good at their carpentry. So in the end, yr strategy might ended up u paying more. This kinda strategy don't 100% works, unless the designer wanna to take the risk. example, the hacking include clearing debris, as stated in my quotation. So after they hack and u not happy, the designer need to wait for u to finish complete project and keep on arrange workers to clear rubbish? So will u pay in full from the start? what if u refuse to pay the remainder at the end. The designer must be having a hard time to entertain u this kinda customer. I wonder when u eat at restaurant, start to find fault, and refuse to pay later bcas it doesn't suit yr taste. i work in service line previously, totally understand this kinda customers. Wanna reno, scared kena cheated. wanna eat fish, scared fish bone, wanna walk, scared fall down. .... speechless
  8. Very funny. why is so many ppl looking for this ah wei and yet he is uncontactable and no one come forward so that we can really see his workmanship. If he is so good as mentioned, i guess all his schedule are fully packed then. And a fully packed projects, can he still deliver goods up to our expectations?
  9. anyone got used ah wei carpentry before? can i view yr house to see how good it is? pls message me. thanks And also the prices he quoted per foot run. i have seen ppl selling $100 for kitchen cabinet, it will be great if ah wei really can afford tat. if not, its another empty talk again. i would love to redo my mum's house at this kinda price
  10. my friend, single, not a heavy cook, used IKEA for his kitchen . After 1 year, the 'kitchen' is ready to throw away. i was laughing when he told me that. use or not, up to u.
  11. Can i view yr jobsite to see the quality of the workmanship?
  12. Covers all..... ?! can sign a black and white that there will be no add-on? Will they twist their words and somehow give u an incomplete reno? after all, how much u know abt reno. As someone mentioned.... good luck.
  13. Yes and no. Yes, to protect yrself from being cheated. No, even some those with radac or ISO or hdb registered, etc.... have black sheeps.