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  1. So did u ask the ID what is the new fashion way of laying tiles? we would love to learn from that ID. Its common that floor and wall tiles cannot be aligned due to different size. There is a starting point to lay the first piece of floor tiles, the rest will continue. Same applies to the wall. Even if the tile is of the same dimension, the starting point of the wall and floor tiles is different, it could not be aligned too. However, if u insist all the tiles to be aligned, the corner of the tile, especially the first piece, could be not in whole piece. To me, these are technical issues.
  2. Saw yr post at most thread. Are u here to create trouble by insulting everyone?
  3. How about trying my friend's services? Nelson 8188 0402. Also a taoist Priest. Not an uncle. What he predict about me is quite true. don't have 100% accurary. LOL I usually choose to believe 80% of what FSM says. hahaha. Bcas some of them are really ridiculous.
  4. u order chicken rice, $3. U ask for less rice, u pay $2.80???? No, u still pay $3. U initially requested to be 1800mm. u agreed and u signed on it. Now u want to be 1600mm. This is yr last min changes. So its yr fault, not the ID. How he charge u, u can decide to do it or not. its your choice. Else, u can stick to the original of 1800mm. U can't say bcas another ID firm billed 1600mm, this ID firm also need to follow. Whether the wood is how big, its not the issue. In fact, the difference of 200mm, the carpenter cannot do something miracle out from it too. We all know the ID billed us feet by feet. not cm by cm.
  5. Samngan, How do u learn of this person in the first place? Is it thru recommendation from friends? or u heard from people here? If from friends, can use. If from ppl here, sometimes they are self-advertising. There are a few ID who do freelance, some without company name and some with company but home-based. There is a risk involved but its not totally 100% dangerous. There are some ID company who run away with customer money and close down their PTE LTD company. How much can u sue from a PTE LTD company? And it happens many times. There are those big company, trustworthy one, but the prices are not cheap at times and u kena carrot chop. free-lance, u can get it cheaper bcas they are rental free but risky. In short, happy renovating...... bcas u are not the only one having headaches.
  6. My ID only offers me 3 free pcs of 3D view, as indicated in the quotation. Inititally, i was unhappy about it. Why am i paying for things i not sure its what i want or not? correct? make sense? i need to see. Later do wrongly, how? So, my ID explained to me, the 3D is not done by him but outsourced out, so it cost money. To do a 3D, it takes time also, even if my ID knows how to do it. So, all these are time and money. He goes further, there is no such thing as free thing in this world. Some bigger ID firm has their own graphic designer. ID in fact has to pay them to draw too, but maybe cheaper. So to do a simple toilet vanity, sell me so low cost. How to cover the cost? The money earned is enough to pay for the 3D cost. So how, sell higher to customer? So after further discussion with my ID, i cut down of my "free" 3D, my ID rebate back the exact cost, meaning i pay lesser. He said - take 1 glance, it will cost u $xx. In fact, u can see something similar from other 3D pic. So if u are unhappy with yr ID services, move on. Forget about the 2k. Else u MAY continue with yr misery.
  7. I paid $12 red packet to check my fortune from this young chap. Its my ID's friend. Good or bad, i believe its up to individual to believe or not. Whether u believe ghost, spirit, gods, fairy or not. What he mentions about me, it did happen at later stage. For me, to believe is better than don't believe. So guys, u can try contact him @ 8188 0402, Nelson. His shop is at McNair Road. Fengshui charges, i guess it differs.
  8. poor upbringing?!?! hmmm.... better talk less. Later they do a talisman and curse me.
  9. My speculation- Hey boss. u better fulfill what what your company promised, Else i will post yr names in renotalk. Thus u refuse to inform us the company name till now. The company is obligated to fulfill what they promised on the contract. At the same time, it is impossible to have EVERYTHING indicated black & white, sure to have items not included or overlooked. Therefore, the ID has all the opportunity to incur EXTRA cost to u. We did not see the content of the contract u signed, what is indicated. What they charged extra too. We only see 1 side of your story. So i feel its not fair for us to comment. The ID u engage could be a newbie, thus underquoted just to secure yr deal. The boss saw the mistake and will try to recover the project from incurring a loss. ANd finally, You could be a nasty customer too, picking tiny faults here and there. So if u want to share, please SHARE EVERYTHING. We are not here for suspense. Else u will be another customer who indicate all the ID fault, but never mention about yr own fault. Renovation is a 2-ways communication to perfect yr house. hipcups along the way is norm.
  10. His hp is 9690 7887

  11. hi can you always help to provide nichloas contact? Thanks!!

  12. i got it at 3k plus, more function. i have check few ID, they are asking for 4k for basic functions. For more details, u can call Nicholas @ 9690 7887. He set up his company half year ago. If u like to check about the lights, he will need to check with his friend for available appt.
  13. My request is very simple. The laminate, 1 colour only, no wood nor black white. The design, i also requested it to be simple. And i told my ID - i am the most easiest customer. i don't want something complicated. I did not pay premium but a very good price. The ID is very open how much he earn and i find it justifiable. The ID always said this to me - How much u need to pay, i will calculate everything. No hidden cost. He said it, he do it. Carpentry, i am happy.
  14. What i got is, paying 2/3 of the price i asked for basic requirement, but yet getting more. dont think its nice to mention cost here, later there is price war. I message u.