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  1. Hi guys, I got my 4RM BTO (90sqm) and would like to have some idea for my master bedroom wardrobe. I have too many clothes and bags. Currently I stayed at 5RM HDB but not enough for me to keep my clothing. And now move to 4RM the master Bedroom is even small. Any good idea how to design? Thank you guys for your contribution.
  2. Hi, BN dining chair for sale. Still in wrapped. Interested please text me at 94500735. Collection at Woodlands Dr 75. Thanks for viewing. Text me for the picture as I have problem posting here. Sorry
  3. Hi, Mind to share the link from TB? Plan to get lighting from TB too. Many member from RT get from TB and seem everyone said the quality was good. TIA
  4. Hi , How much you get the Grohe rain shower? I wanted to get from TB but worries can't used in Sg.
  5. Hi, I love your carpenter job. I ever request this design to my ID but she claims this type using mold to product. Plywood normally no design just plain. What type of wood your carpenter uses? Mind to share your carpenter contact? I'm about to confirm my ID but now pending coz I saw your wardrobe so..oooo nice.
  6. Hi Jerome, Can you quote me below item? 1) Samsung Fridge RT63PBSL (487L) 2) Electrolux Front load (7kg) EWF12732 3) Hob & stove please recommend for those seldom cook. I want 2 stove and slim hob. Please email to mandeline@gmail.com
  7. Hi, I like IKEA kitchen design and my ID told me they used cheap wood and my kitchen won't long lasting. It is true? But IKEA give 25 years guarantee on his material. I'm dilemma now don't know choose IKEA or used back my ID design. Anyone can advise me whether IKEA kitchen cabinet durable or not?
  8. Nice house and deco.... We have the same taste . I'm in the midst looking for my furniture too. I had visited Comfort, Egg3, Logan's, Lush Lush and Second charm but yet visit Athousandtales. Hope I can get the TV console like you. BTW, your bench near the phone where you get from? Mind to share? and where you get the dummy phone look like real......Have you completed your deco??? Any upcoming photo...looking forward
  9. Hi, Selling this chair at lower price as my house theme not suitable. Brand new and still in tag with plastic. Bought from Mr.Gunii.http://www.mrgunii.com/house-of-99/1168-designer-s-chairchair.html Text me when you interested ; 94500735
  10. Hi guys, Which brand is good and reliable to use? Plan to use for room only. Sometime for drying clothes since Sg weather unpredictable. Anyone can recommend a good one but must electric saving too...thanks in advance...
  11. First of all, I should not keep any pets. I never think that I need to move house bcoz of my kids. I have 2 problem kids ASD & ADHD, so I need to spend more time when I have no maid. If I continue to keep my rabbit, we have no time to play with him. I think he deserve to have a good master, Not like me. Haiz...I'm also very sad but I have no choice. Sorry we should talk about the house Reno..pai seh discuss about family matter....sorry....sorry...
  12. Nice bunting! Where you get those cloth? I love Zakka style and I get a lot of stuff from TB. I notice you are animal lover. You keep a lot of pets. I have one holland loop pure breed from US 1st Gen pedigree but I might want to sell away when I move to my new house coz my maid will go bk home town for good and I don't plan to hire a new maid. My kids will send to student care. Hence, my rabbit nobody can take care. Currently, i have maid helping me take care my kids and house chores but after she go back everything must do myself. If you have pet, you must spend a least 2 hours a day play with them. Is poor if I keep him and no time play with him. Do you think so?
  13. Thanks for your info. I will scout around ikea and egg3. Looking forward to design my house in sept 2013....browsing around now for furniture and TB stuffs....
  14. Hi, Your house really nice and looking forward to see your post more pic. I notice the vintage chair you get from Logan's retro? I love all thier furniture but quite expensive. Btw, your display cabinet get from Logan? The blue stool you get from Egg3? How much the display cabinet and the lovely stool? Mind to share?
  15. Hi, You can try get from this seller coz one of the forumer had ordered from them and he claims the quality is good. You can view from Tampines t-blog http://list.qoo10.sg/item/ROLLER-BLIND-BLACKOUT-ROMAN-VENETIAN/406118278