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  1. Nice house.... Really love the choice of colors
  2. Song Cho items are of good quality.... Maybe should spent a bit more for the long run. IMHO.
  3. Yah... So you can understand how I feel when I am chasing for my undelivered items... The frustration and anxiety...
  4. I think so but how do you claim for your warranty since the company is in Germany and you might have to pay for the shipping cost. if you are referring to shipping, i think DHL covers only to a certain percentage of the purchase value. If you are referring to the coverage for faulty item, then might be more tricky but this is the risk of buying online. At least the company refund me my purchase after a long ding dong-ing when i didnt receive my items...
  5. Hello! I got the TV from Amazon. The brand is seiki.
  6. Hi I got it from esty. The shipping is scary. Taobao also do sell the crates too...
  7. Went to song cho the other day and bought a new stainless steel rack for the toilet. My wifey like the ample space available to put her stuffs. We also bought a dish rack from them. Then the retro look alike 22 inch HD TV has arrived. This will serve as my monitor for my Mac mini. Although it is small, it is equip with HDMI port and a powerful sound. Really like the look of it....
  8. Went to airport the other day and saw this Philip hue light bulb in one of the electronic store that allows you to control the color of your bulbs using your hp wirelessly ..... Quite impress as it range from white to warm light... This mean that you can achieve any color spectrum that you like, more choice... However, the starter pack is expensive... Decision decision...
  9. Yup free shipping to Singapore for anything above 100 dollars.... It is the unfold lamp from muuto... I bought my green enamel lamp from them too ....
  10. Sky creation is 1 of the big company that I know of.... Went to the showroom and the lady showed me everything from the living room to the kitchen. The lady is proud that all their cabinets are using Blum system, which back then I knew nothing about the brand....
  11. The yellow light is from scandinavian design center, under muuto brand... Cost about 160 I think, free shipping....
  12. After moving in for 6 months, one of my bedroom light is spoilt... So I took the opportunity to change my bedroom light... Replaced my original white ceiling light with this yellow pendant light... Love the glow and how the color match with the wardrobe
  13. Thank you tessina.... Designer piece... By MHB haha