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  1. Hi Centrino2 or whoever got the LED contacts, can anyone PM me? thanks!
  2. I can't help but to comment, your place is really "WOW!" You must have spent quite a bit on this renovaton + furnishing?
  3. Hi Jerome/Zero, would like to know the price for Rinnai RB-3CG and Fujioh FX900. Kindly PM me. Thanks!
  4. hi tapilia, no, i haven't signed anything yet. Just that I like their price but cannot click with the ID. Was wondering is I can just go to another guy in their firm. Will his colleague even accept to entertain me (since to them, I'm already that ID's potential customer)?
  5. Hi eeneyminey, can u PM me which ID you engaged at PL? I tried to PM u but u don't accept PMs. thanks
  6. Hi, Can you share with me your contractor's contact and details (via PM). btw, how much did you spend on the blum drawers? thanks!
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for IDs to renovate my place. After seeing so many IDs, I have shortlisted one which the price is competitive. However, I can't really click with the ID that I asked for (specifically asked for this ID after reading the forum reviews here). I'm not saying the ID is no good... just that chemistry this kind of thing, is subjective. So I want to ask, is it alright if I ask for another ID within the same company to do the job for me? Would the first ID I approach be offended?
  8. Hi Mae, I read that u have a BLUM kitchen, is it done by your ID? Are they good? am looking for renovator and needs some recommendation. Hopefully u can share with me (via PM) ur ID's contacts and ur review of them. thanks.
  9. hi sohnice, actually i have been wanting to ask you... how did u get to ur ID? I mean how u come to know about them and the decision of using them? Is it by word of mouth referral or... I'm getting my keys soon and I am having a headache on how to go about shortlisting the ID/Contractors...
  10. hi hippobb, do you mind sharing with me your ID/Contractor (via PM) and the works you got them to do for the 45k+ spent? Btw, your house looks great! Also, did your ID/Contractor bring u to select the tiles & toilet accessories or?
  11. thanks Neoby. I always thought Henry is located at Woodlands (or was it Supersimon's house which is at Woodlands, that I got confused with...?)
  12. hi, can anyone PM me henry's contacts too and the address of ID note. thanks!
  13. Nice 3D layout and floor trap. Do you mind PM-ing me the price & location of purchase for the floor trap? Also may I know who's your contractor / ID ? thanks!
  14. Hi Dizy, I'm a new member here. Am interested to know the details of your ID, can you kindly PM me the details + cost of doing up your flat. Am going to get the keys to my new place next year so now sourcing for ID. Also, do you mind posting up pictures of the done up place. Looking at the 3D pictures, I would very much like to see the actual end-result. thanks!