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  1. hi pls pm me your contractor contact and costs. thanks!

  2. sharebear

    K Pro

    look forward to more pics!
  3. i am also looking for that as well. Don't like the existing reddish brown color, but haven't really ask any timber flooring company about it. Only asked a few IDs and they just say can just varnish it, but the color won't change much.. more like clear gloss.. so I sort of gave up looking. let me know if you find any.
  4. Hihi i read your blog and saw that you got from lumiere so no need to reply me anymore :)

  5. Hihi may i know where did you get the replica of Foscarini Caboche lamp? How much did it cost you? Thanks

  6. Anyone knows if its possible to stain timber floor strip flooring to a darker color? Anyone has contacts to do such stuff?
  7. No problem, thanks for the suggestions. Think this look sounds great. Ya true earthy tones are easier to mix and match if change theme next time. Thanks a lot again!
  8. Hi dracwy I still visit my parents place so I do remember the big vertical pipes. Just that I am wondering how the 'crap' travels haha (I hope you are not having a meal when reading this)
  9. hi can you pm me the contact and company name of your ID? Thanks!

  10. hi did you cover one side of your bay window in the MBR so as to construct your tv console? I also have bay window on both sides but reluctant to cover it up cos I was afraid it would be less windy
  11. Hi so you have not done it? I was wondering because I asked 2 IDs, both of them say cannot. They said even if seal up the smell will come out thru the drainage hole which is on the toilet floor. One ID even said the drainage on the toilet floor is connected to the same pipe as the toilet pipe, which sounds weird to me.
  12. anyone tried ripping the toilet out and sealing it with concrete. Is that ok and will there by any smell or leakage since the neighbours pipe still pass thru. I have an extra bathroom and I don't need it
  13. Thanks for your lovely suggestions! However I figured I have some built ins which are in wood already (e.g doors and wardrobes) so having different type of woods may look strange and uncoordinated. Does having a black sofa restrict me only to monochromatic luxe look?
  14. Hi I have the following furniture pieces and was wondering if its possible to have scandinavian or modern studio theme for my living-cum-dining room? My flooring is biege tiles with wood skirting. I would also like to hear your views/suggestions what type of lounge chair, coffee table and dining table should I get if I would like the above themes. Thanks! Black leather sofa Transparent acrylic dining armchairs