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  1. Hi All, Wondering if anyone here has installed aircon for utility room before? Currently I have a system 3 for my 2 rooms and hall and the temperature is getting abit unbearable thus would like to aircon up the utility room too. However I am unsure if I can fix up a single system as I will have 2 condensers and worst is I am not even sure if i can drill through the structures? Please give your advise/thoughts on it. Thank You all. DingDong.
  2. Hi Terradyne, It cost me abt $45 including shipping during the TB sale. Sold it off as I find it too troublesome for me to use. Too manual.
  3. Hi Not sure if this is the place to post but i am seeking some advise on my mini washer. the plastic water hose that comes with it does nt fit my tap and i am not sure what can be done or where to find the adaptors. appreciate if anyone can assist. thanks! Dingdong
  4. Congrats on your house! so nice you manage to get a 5yrs old one! wont swing door waste space?? like you need a "space" for it swing in/out? Tot nowaday is using sliding or bi-fold? Hope to see more pics soon and have fun renovating!
  5. Congrats to your new cosy home..looks simple and nice! May i know how much is ur reno in all?
  6. Home Fix i only saw this Eubiq system. http://www.eubiq.com/index.php i would love to fix this in my house in future! now out of budget!
  7. So far this Alph Instant rainshower works well for me... the water pressure is good n water been hot.. good for me..small hdb flat..
  8. Congrats on getting ur new place! Is good to source for the contractor/ID now so that you can have a clearer view of what u wan to do/budgets etc.is never too early to plan. With many electronic fairs around, you can source n compare prices of stuff u may want to purchase. Important is you need to know your budget and work ard it to make ur hse functional n cosy! I would suggest change of aircon now as the mess of changing in future might be a challenge with all the furnishing/painting/deco all up. Hope all goes well for you and do post pics of ur reno ya!
  9. is that cushions fm ikea some new designs? din see those while i was there few weeks back. Neoby.. ikea nice to walk walk leh..u SK area.. take bus 27 can reach fast fast too..wkend got free bus i think?? LOL..better if u drive.
  10. calm down.. some agents are only out to make fast bucks.. i had alot of problem w my seller's agent from Prop*** too! Though is almost a year yet i am still tempted complain abt such agent,but i see he is some "director" oso sian.own boss as if he care?! $500 deposit?to pay for utilities during ur "extension" stay? hope u clear all the ****ty nitty gritty stuff soon!And be happy preparing for your new house! Good Luck!
  11. Congrats NeoBy.. nice nice swee swee liao!!! really *worship* u all who are done up in white.. i sure turn them black in no time! hahahah When the party?? LOL Hope the rectification works get done up soon.. else lock gate put dogs.. dun pay up the last payment! LOL
  12. I did up 10ft of bottom cabinets inclusive of sink since dec 2011 so i cant say much in term of quality.. LOL 3mths n i dont cook except only once..porridge? Play with their online kitchen planner,customize what I want...price pretty reasonable.. walk into ikea n see the stuff..like it..so got them. I be happy if it can last me 3-5yrs but LOL they got 25yrs warranty..so i shall see by then,if the warranty really is good. The guys who fix up are a outsourced company, they told me they recently did replace one that is a 21yrs old kitchen!! anyway just a note : whatever u purchase fm ikea, exclude fixing up charges.. is $28/ft for cabinets, installation of sink is $120, u got to purchase additional plith(sp?) to cover the base of ur cabinets. if u wan them do a simple onsite measurement especially if u have odd corners, it will cost u another $40. i have heard of good n bad reviews on ikea products and i alsp have friends who complain of their own reno's carpentry,so sometimes is really ur luck and how u use the stuff.
  13. LOL.. which Daiso u bought the banana hanger? so happy Tampines1 gonna open a Daiso!!!! MAyDream : think golf clubs in sg some places sell like quite ok prices.haha even cash converter have ..i ever see in toa payoh cash converter for ladies set abt $200 and it look pretty new.
  14. Nice Lightings! but can see w own eyes BETTER!!! LOL Hope everything goes on smoothly!