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  1. It sound like almost overhaul for the whole house. I just quick view your quotation and 45-50k seems reasonable. Maybe u can ask yr mum source for contractor n she will feel your difficulties. It is easy say than done
  2. Hi, There is No need so much storage for rain shower. It is the water pressure that is essential for this. Unless u having a bathtub
  3. Hi bengbeng I understand that u might be pressed for time to get the house n amount of money wasted. But the troubles get from an ah long flat is definitely not worth. Imagine every night to have to keep watch jus in case your door was splash with paint, in rare cases, set fire!
  4. I did mine for $4850/- Breakdown. 50 lighting points, 15 double socket PowerPoint 1 two way switch. 1 DB board 5 SCV point Nil telephone point 3 ceiling fan installation 1 15 amp PowerPoint Overall, I think yours is relatively reasonable
  5. Hi there, Try out lush lush. They do have customized replica too. So far they were quite prompt in their delivery
  6. Hi, just did mine with most of your work stated. U didn't include electricial wiring which cost me 4-5k. Contractor is good if u know wat u wan n don't let them lead u. I spent ard 74K n took me 2.5 months
  7. My previous owners is no good friendly neighbourhood people. Anyway for me, I jus opened every letters addressed to them. Guess wat, I know their account balance n sort.. I don't even have their contact as they refused to give us. All thru the agent.. N the agent is not so keen to handle those mails too I think just throw the mail in the rubbish bin. Anyway, we don't bear any legal liability toward the previous owner letters. N under the immigration act, any resident should furnish their update address within six month after they have shifted if not they would be fined.
  8. Hi, I interest. SMS me 98326145 for discussion. Thanks
  9. Jus sign up with Starhub for fibre. $49.90/- monthly. 150mbps. Complementary fibre modem but additional $53.90/- installation fee one time payment
  10. Currently I am using the conventional electrical dryer. There is a new option of gas dryer spearhead by SP service. They emphasized on energy efficiency. Which mean save money! To top that, I also using a portable drying rack (Roman)in my balcony n "transform" it when my guests arrives!! So I use both method
  11. I had something smiliar.. A "indestructible" beam so have to build false wall to flush the whole area!! No matter how long or how many time u apply!! Answer is No! If unauthorized hacking, you will be fined heavily if kena caught!! so can opt for my option lor
  12. An area of 2m x 2m parquet was replaced due to previous owner allowed it to rot! So far it is nicely done. No uneven surfaces. Only occassionally creaking sound when I step on some after they had been revarnish. Currently, most in order
  13. Hi cyan, I did consider getting a gas heater from city gas during my Reno time. I believed tat the choice/variety of the gas heater in Singapore is limited. I looking into the replacement option and installation procedures which eventually I got the electrical heater. No doubt the energy consumption factor is a plus point
  14. Jus spent as ur pocket n desire can bring u. Don't forget to discuss with yr spouses coz their view matter too!!