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On ‎7‎/‎4‎/‎2015 at 1:10 AM, Nazza21 said:

Hi guys,

I bought my Gen 3 EM about 14 years ago in Woodlands block 7XX. It was move in condition, we only had to paint before moving in but paid $30k COV. To cut a long story short, it's time for reno and I've 99% finalized with a company called Rows & Columns (anyone have experience using them, appreciate your feedback). They're charging me approximately $35k for the following works (summary):

1. Hacking & re-tiling kitchen + toilet

2. New kitchen cabinets with piping

3. Cereta solid surface kitchen top (is this quartz or diff?)

4. Hacking & re-tiling 2 toilets upstairs

5. Vanity cabinets and sliding shower screens for 2 toilets

6. Sanding & re-varnishing the parquet flooring (upstairs all the rooms + common area)

7. Feature wall with TV console

8. Whole house painting

I'm left with some queries:

1. I have problem drying clothes indoors, I've installed a ceiling hanging aluminum clothes line but it right in front of the downstairs toilet.

a) Any other suggestions?

b) The void area ceiling is too high, anyone using this to mount clothes drying solution?

2. Recommended location for curtains and curtain railings.

3. I'm planning to order my bathroom fixtures from Tabao, any feedback?

I would greatly appreciate your valuable input.


Cheers for Rows & Columns Pte Ltd i engaged them after i saw your unit 797 woodlands which they show me before i engaged their services. Your done up are nice and video on their Facebook page as well.

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Owning an EM has always been on my bucket list but we didnt thought of it much while searching for an upgrade from my 75sqm shoebox 4rm of 8 yrs. After searching for 5rm nearby for a while, we thought it wouldnt hurt checking out a couple of EM too while waiting for a potential 5rm seller to come back from her overseas trip.

Visted a few and after some negotiation, we managed to secure the great deal for this Gen 2 EM of 156 sqm at Jalan Rajah and also in time to catch a ride with the HIP upgrade going with the blessing of a supportive seller as he has already moved to another place. HIP work start this week but major reno will probably start only in Mar or Apr 2018. I have learnt alot of stuffs from all the sharing on this forum and will need more soon. 

Jalan Rajah EM.jpg


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On 12/28/2017 at 3:20 PM, Bun said:

Hi possible to advise the casement window did for you masioneete balcony and how much does it cost?


I have yet to look into casement window, if you have the dimension perhaps i can check for you


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