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Semi-D Full Rebuild Or A&a? Neighbour Building Giant House! :p

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I don't know that you could reroute the public sewage pipe at all? (which is why the SIP is one of the documents your lawyer would obtain in due diligence).

You could relocate the IC, and even this, there are a few bylaws to comply with and it has a direct impact on where you could place the 1st storey's bathroom(s).

A 10-K indicative price is best treated as just a teaser.

I wrote a thread on this subject last year.



Hi Lauer,

Thank you for sharing the information... Not everyone knows what info to use, and where to get them..

The new URA setback guidelines have changed over the years... may I know if there is anywhere to see the differences from the old setbacks?



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On 19/01/2013 at 8:17 AM, eaglef18 said:

Just to share. I am also redoing my 2 storey corner terrace and reconstruct to become 3.5 storeys with side expansion to maximize the use of the land. Depending on what you are doing and with some planning, you need not be spending over 700K to redo the place. During my hunt for a constructor, I noticed that these companies tends to use a standard method to calaculate by PSF. I got also quotes of 1.3m to redo at the end I managed to get it at around 650K to redo my place which is still currently under re-construcion and expected to complete by April this year.

I don't see the need to be using famous companies to redo the place, instead should settle fo 1 that can do the job but with good level of quanlity. Before I decide on this current team, I went round visiting the few developers on their jobs (1st the comleted or near to complete units and to then to sites that are still under about 40% complete), this is to view their standard and I believe this is an very important factor on deciding the firm to use.

Hi, I am also planning to redo my 2 storey inter-terace. I would like to seek your advices on the contractor selection. Would you please share the details of the contractor you have used? How was their quality and behaviour? Thanks in advance


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On 25/02/2013 at 0:01 PM, Coffeequeen said:

This is my first post here. I have just bought a modest 1700Sqft single storey inter for rebuilt. But was shocked to receive a quote of almost 1.1M with piling etc for new erection to 3 1/2 storey.

I am seriously thinking about whether to rebuild or just leave it as it is. Appreciate some feedback from fellow forummers:)

How did it go in the end? Did you rebuild?


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