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My Bad Aircon Experiences

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I am a new house owner in 2011 and I cannot decide on who and what aircon to buy, so I came to the forum for reference. As my old house aircon starts to drool after 4-5years, I really wanted a good aircon. However I got a very bad experience instead, even with good money spent. I am going to file up with CASE recently so just thought to share with you guys in case anyone is considering who and where to buy.

I used Imperial Distributor who installed my Aircon on 23/04/2011. I upgraded my MIT Heavy industry aircon with larger G23 copper pipes with a 16mm drainage. I paid S$3,100 premium with GST for my Aircon for 3 rooms. The aircon was great for the first few months, then it got not so cold after that, which I thought maybe it was due to Hot weather so maybe not so cold. Then finally on July or August 2012, it's became warm instead, and I called up for service. The technician came down, checked and say no visible leaks but no more gas (leaked). Then he said it is too expensive to replace all the pipes or run some expensive tests, which he recommended topping up the gas instead. So I paid him $90 for service and check (he know it leaks, but don't know how to solve except by expensive replacement or tests), and $120 for replacing the cooling gas (Freon?). Also must add GST...

After 6 months it's warm again..... so i paid the $224.70 previously for nothing. Problem not solved.

I called again, got some crappy service by sales say tech will call me. Waited and waited, no one called.

I call in, he say u go outside check also same price, keep telling me i need to wait for tech to call me.

I told him I not ball, stop kicking me around. Then call ended after i told him i going CASE.

I don't know what is wrong, but it's really hot and the aircon is down.

They are the ones who installed all the pipes and connections, Not me.

Freon supposed to last for 5-10years one, Mine 6 months finished liao!

I am not getting what I paid for...

I want to rate but no stars to give ....



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I am so sorry to hear that. Don't Imperial's quote include changing the pipes? How's their after sales support? I though there is standard warranty? Is it installation or MHI aircon problem?


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I am so sorry to hear that. Don't Imperial's quote include changing the pipes? How's their after sales support? I though there is standard warranty? Is it installation or MHI aircon problem?

i don't think its MHI aircon problem. I using it for nearly 2 years and mae29 also using it longer than me. i think ours are ok.... i just did simple cleaning on my own.....


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The tech from Imperial said the condenser is ok in the previous check, but got a leak somewhere in the pipes. So it's not MHI machine issue, so i can only conclude it's a leak from the pipes then, as there's nothing else to check or blame on.

To think of it, I actually upgraded my drainage and aircon pipes to better ones, paying imperial around $3000+ for 3 rooms with installation.

They sent in many people, mostly youngsters on the installation day. I don't feel good then as the "master" is not the actual person who did the job for me.

The cold air stopped and no one can tell me where's the leak now from Imperial, UNLESS I pay them maybe $500-$1000? for a expensive check.

Previously The Tech suggested to top up my freon as it's cheaper than to do the expensive check.

I did, and it lasted only 6 months. It's now not cold again. Not to mention freon leakage is harmful to health, expensive to wallet, hazard for ozone, damaging to my aircon and many more. So what to do? To check again, pay them again, maybe run the expensive test, then find nothing?

I just need a better tech now, any recommendations for a skilled tech?


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Beware of the cable quality used during Air Con installation !

I have decided to post in forum this to warn everyone since I got my air con contact from this forum

and as this could happen you.

This may be a industry wide problem which I think is not limited to the company that

I mentioned below.

Recently I think I found out by chance the REAL reason for my

Mitsubishi air con problem (inconsistance cooling after about 1 year)

- the 3 core power cable for the air con (between the fan coil & the compressor)

was heavily corroded / oxidation just after 2 years due to inferior quality cable used

during installation. Parts of the wire became powdery.

The defect occur inside the cables NOT at the exposed end so its no way due to

environmental. In fact the exposed end of the cable is OK.

I am not sure if such cable defect can be a safety hazard.

When I feedbacked to my air con installer ( Imperial ) about this problem,

They told me they only provide 1 year warranty for the cables and

they quoted me $700+ for cable replacement on the 4 air con.

The best part was they do not feel that they have done anything wrong.

IMO they take end users like fools, no cables in the world is manufactured to

last only 2 years unless its underrated or of poor quality.

Either way its installer responsibility to ensure reasonable quality and act in

good faith, if they fail in this aspect at least rectify the problem FOC.

Companies using inferior cables (from China) to reduce their cost,

push their mistakes (cost of replacement) to end users AND they do not

see any wrong with doing that ....

When I checked with Mitsubishi Electric Singapore, they told me that since

Imperial is not their authorised dealer, they do not have any control over them.

But they mentioned that the replacement charges by Imperial as “exorbitant”

imagine this is type of treatment for using them for installation and

maintenance for the last 2 years.

I was told that such poor quality cables were commonly used in the market 2 years ago

until the problem occured later like mine. Even until now, you can get such cables.

So this may be a industry wide problem, but the way this company handles the customer when

there is a problem is unbelievable.

So lesson learnt :

1. Ensure that cable is not made in China and from reliable brand.

Do not take your installer word for it.

I was told Key Stone (Made in Singapore) was good.

2. Get your air con from authorised distributor or dealer.

Its listed on the brand site.

At least the factory can do something (but not everything) for you

in event like this.

3. Go for extended warranty on parts and labour if possible even if its

a good brand.

My 2 air con have to replace thermistor just after 1 year.

Considering I only on my air con at night with regular filter cleaning

every month – I do not consider this as good quality.


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I posted this in another thread already..

My goodness.....

I have the same experience now ! Just when one of my aircon fails to power up, I have ask the installer (imperial !! ) to check. They said the problem cause by broken cable! and i have change all 3 units at the same time that cost $450!! My aircon is only 2 years old. How can this happened? He told me the wire got no warranty. What happen if the cable can't take the heavy load and caught fire ???


I check with other airconman, they only charge $240 with good quality 3years warranty....

Feel cheated!


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Hi all, just last Thur I have had aircon trunking installed by a reputable provider unfortunately, today went in to check & realised a nasty workmanship, the insulator were scraped (ie. forcibly pulled thru) & torn at various locations & gaps were wrapped by black tape. These were meant to be concealed & the insulators were purposely upgraded.The insulation is now being compromised.  

Would anyone be able to share with me what would you do? 

Is such normal workmanship? 

I m concerned how this can be rectify 

appreciate your guidance 






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