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Buying Furniture Online

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if made.com comes to Singapore, that will be super cool. But even made.com is not that cheap if you translate the prices to SGD.

tailgas I am a bit confused. So in the end you bought from justenjoylife.com? Did you get to see the furniture from all these online stores?


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hihi... i thought i will reply my own thread here... hehe... i came to renotalk to try to look for affordable and stylish furniture and going online seems like the way to go.... especially i see success stories of such available in australia furnish.com.au, uk made.com/ cultfurniture etc. and usa byrght (which i only got to know recently)...

so i ask if ppl buy online and... no replies... it seems like what's out there and asked in this forum are typically lower end... i.e. furniture mart, beds. sg and .... there are some being discussed like posh home, designer chair etc... where the price tag need me to pay freight from china to singapore or price tag is either still crazy or got problem like studio 1961... otherwise there's always a lot of complaints on their service and delivery... which is nothing new and even for those brick and mortar store....

so then ppl tell me hey go check out ineedfurniture... which is lagi like made.com singapore version... but order no reply... go fb see then i saw the owner actually busy getting married. ok... anyway i think that's it for them... they are likely closed... good also.. no office space... no warehouse how to do business.??

anyway so i thought ok we singapore continue to pay high price for so so furniture.... or continue to have beautiful furniture like ikea but quality never last.... until i found the following stores:

1. www.justenjoylife.com --> new, pm me, thumbs up. order 2 cushions and got it satisfactory! a few weeks later got my peacock chair. very happy with them... arrive in a nice box bubble wrapped and printed with co logo..... they are new and i think they are worthy of mention for their very good service for a start.... (btw forum post picture is very hard....copy and paste also no can... anyone can share)... plus i must say they are carrying ex stock now which is very impt.... i don't like the order and you wait for my factory type of business mode...

decided to remove the second option as i never buy from them actually so don't want to comment further....

I think these 2 shops really good pricing and stylish items... so ppl support them!

my tips to what to watch out is also in these 2 stores... added 2 more tips below

1. can find them in acra

2. warranty and lemon law compliant upfront

3. free return and refund

4. warehouse/ office address obvious

5. Transparent pricing online (won't tell you must pay this and that, all's final)

6. Transparent delivery lead time

buy online means save money to me... if i buy online and still expensive than go buy f2f better... though there got like some risk.... it's the same as buying face to face... one will forget to ask warranty or defects and lagi worse... most have no refund policy.....

hope my tips help! it marks the end of my ardous journey to getting nice furniture at really less mark up online.... iwonder if made will come to singapore...

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I am considering buying furniture online. Like to sound out the general public view on this? Hoping to hear some personal advice and experience!

Looks like in general buy online or physical also at risk of bad delivery service, bad goods received. Senseart, grakfunt, etc. is what i hear in the recent threads.

buy online seems to be cheaper (logical to me, cos no physical store). but not able to feel and touch. but designs look pretty good and modern.

I went to IFC, ikea. Scan Teak etc. Touch feel go home, also forgot. Sofa firm or not firm also all about the same. Fabric hot or not hot, leather hot or not hot, all air conditioned can't tell much. all sort of boils down to design only.

Anyone can share more? My cousins in australia bought furniture online and the comment is good for value!


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