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  1. Passed by a random shop and went to check it on Facebook. You can take a look and consider https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151704704401847&set=a.398419181846.181952.54442226846&type=1&theater (cute picture!) Realised that they are carrying doob bag series (probably the first result you get when you google bean bag in sg) tailgas, for the bean bags at justenjoylife.com, is this the usual price range for bean bags? http://www.justenjoylife.com/lazy-bag/
  2. Are there shops that focus on quality cushions with good designs? Cushions seem to be a "by the way" thing for most stores and it's hard to find something nice and affordable.
  3. i think lemon law only gives you warranty against product defects.. nothing we can really do about bad service from retailers.
  4. haha ya i am more interested in the wall than the sofa haha
  5. power of the people indeed. thanks for sharing your experiences so other people like myself can be fore-warned. I hope your issues get resolved soon and don't meet with such an unfortunate case again.
  6. pills that's a lot of furniture from different places! you recently doing up your new place is it
  7. wait a minute... why does this http://www.bryght.com/ look so much like made.com. Hmmm are they based in the US?
  8. if made.com comes to Singapore, that will be super cool. But even made.com is not that cheap if you translate the prices to SGD. tailgas I am a bit confused. So in the end you bought from justenjoylife.com? Did you get to see the furniture from all these online stores?
  9. Thought Roomofwoods is at 28 Sin Ming Lane? Not there anymore?
  10. pills, I think it depends on the company you are buying from. Some companies have "This item is final sale and not eligible for return" policy for smaller pieces. Just ask before you buy. When I walk around at furniture expo, they will always give some form of warranty. It just depends on how long. The companies that tailgas mentioned are online stores like ineedfurniture, beds.sg, justenjoylife.com.. I think online stores operate quite differently? But all the more they should give warranty because you can't even see what you bought. Also, warranty doesn't necessarily mean you get covered if you damaged it yourself. If it's due to customers' fault, customers still cannot exchange or refund.