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  1. Nice design but I find their finishings too 'rough'. can feel wood splinter when u rub against them. Btw, is castley n lush furniture belong to the same company? Cos I find their products so similar.
  2. SCHLARAFFIA China factory details: Recticel Foams (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Rm1902-1906, 18 Xin Jin Qiao Road, Ramada Plaza, Pudong Shanghai, 201206 China they are under this company and they have a factory in China. http://www.recticel.be/index.php/company
  3. Mattress manufacturers also include the following: Goodnite - http://www.goodnite.com.my My latex - http://www.aerofoam.com.my Sweet Dream - http://www.sweetdream.com.my Magic Koil - http://www.magickoil.com.sg
  4. Hi SamTheMan, don be con by slaesman, Both Restonic and Activcor are made by Stylution International, China, Dongguang. please see these link. http://www.stylution.es/web/fullwidth.html http://www.furnituretoday.com/article/457610-stylution-acquires-wickline-bedding-assets
  5. Most furniture shops in SIN sell leather sofa, most importantly, you must be comfortable buying from them. For me, I always look out for these things. 1) quality - know what you paying for 2) price - must be reasonable to my budget 3) design - to suit my style 4) transparency - if the products is from China or Italy, just tell me the truth. Don lie to me!
  6. Hi Asking4HelpFull leather sofa means the whole set including the seating area, side and the back of the sofa are made of genuine leather. Full leather does not necessary mean Italian leather. Many companies in SIN always said their leather are from Gruppo Mastrotto. This is an Italian company that process and tan leather. They source leather from worldwide, not only from Italy but also leather from other countries. Thus, leather from this company does not mean it's Italian leather although it's an Italian company. They also have a plant in Indonesia. Here's the link about this company http://www.mastrotto.com/en/gruppo-mastrotto-worldwide/ Half leather sofa means, ONLY the seating area are genuine leather. The side and back of the sofa are using synthetic leather. Synthetic leather mean man-made leather aka 'fake' leather. They are PVC, PU, PU soft, bycast...etc and many other names they can think of Sink spot mean sofa foam sagging dot nothing to do with the leather. Genuine leather only get 'seasoned' Which ever shop you going to buy from, if they tell you this Italian leather, please ask them write down on your invoice and indicate 'çowhide' leather not just Italian leather cos Italian leather could also mean Italian synthetic leather This is what I know about leather, hope it helps. Happy shopping!
  7. I have never brought any things from TB before so I cant comment but I did ask my friends from China about TB, she told me TB is not a big thing in China now because of their quality issues. In China, they only use TB to buy items like clothing, bags, shoes or like what DarkWingZ mentioned racks, bin and accessories ... Her advise is get prepared to buy and throw if you shop at TB. She also mentioned those reviews and comments are all 'fake' and some information provided by seller are not true too. She said this is China!
  8. but as consumers, we wont know who they are.
  9. Haha... such a coincidence! I went furniture shopping with my China friend yesterday. Went to star living, scanteak, tan boon liat building, park mall, da vinci... We saw a solid wood table made of walnut with 6pc wishbone chair from Space, was quoted 13k. http://www.spacefurniture.com.sg/ch327.html According to them, it's a limited edition and gotta pre-order. Do call them if you are interested cos last order is end Jun. Then I brought her to hommage lifestyle (where I got my furniture) and she got this which is using the same material (walnut) but cost less than 4k. http://www.hommagelifestyle.com/images/pdf/Y-HOPE.pdf Understand from hommage, these furniture are from Japan.She brought it because she was impressed with the workmanship and price.
  10. SlannieWongU sure Goodnite is made in China???
  11. bliss1314I brought 2 mattresses from Goodnite. I been using it since last year Sep. So far so good. I still find it comfortable and affordable as to compare to many other brands I used before. I got 1 with natural latex (niagara) for my mum and she love it too. My mum has bone cancer so when it comes to mattress, she is very particular. She really need a mattress that is able to support her. So far, no complaint from her about this mattress which I got for her I have did some research some mattress in SG before I purchase Goodnite. I hope you find it useful. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/6262-which-matress-is-good/page-7 SlannieWongwhich model did you get from Goodnite? perhaps you can share with us here so that we can take note
  12. I'm using Franke hob & hood. Not cheap but quality very good. Easy to maintain especially we do heavy cook at home. shop within your budget is the best. don listen to sales talk too much if not you will get confuse. for sink, i prefer undermount cos any water on the sink top, I can just 'sweep' them into the sink. I also prefer big sink not those that split into two cos I found that getting in my way when I wash. Lots of dripping when I move from one sink to the other. LG fridge ok. My last 1 (about your price) served me 5 years. When I move, I still can sell for some $$ water dispenser I change about every 2-3 years cos usually they don last very long if you are a heavy user like me hope it helps!
  13. try ikea
  14. maybe this link might help you. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/6262-which-matress-is-good/?p=837376 My lessons about buying mattress (and other products) has taught me not to listen to sale talk too much, go for quality assured products by choosing manufacturers or factories with ISO-9001. This is the only way to assure consumers that their products has QC. Sales talk and brands does not assurance quality products.