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Advice Needed: Landlord's Responsibility

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Hi all,

I have an alkaline water ioniser at home and I allow my tenant to use it.

She left, and now I do not wish to let my new tenant use the ioniser due to several factors.

Is it a landlord's responsibility to provide fresh supply of drinking water for tenants?

I've something that I would like to hear your views on.



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An Ionised alkaline water syetem is quite costly to own and it needs regular maintenance to upkeep the quality of water. Eg the filter needs to be changed on a regular basis and the electrodes need cleaning too. These amount to some cost.

As a landlord, you have the choice to decide if you want your tenant to use the system....or if your tenant agree to use the system at a agreed fee.

Why don't you install the system at your own premise instead of the rented place? It would be quite difficult to refrain the tenant from using it when it is conveniently available.


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