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4Rm Bto At The West ~ Humble Nest

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ok.. its been a while. had some hiccup and arrangement. especially on the false ceiling, it didn't turn out the way i wanted. Should say some miscommunication with my ID. But anyway, ID was kind enough to changed the entire false ceiling and assuring me that its ok and not to worry at all on the costs. maybe a bi delay on the scheduled timing which i totally agree and understand. so next, the false ceiling and painting up!

Living room

IMG 20140512 WA0009

closer view of living room l-box and false ceiling

IMG 20140512 WA0011

didnt go for cove, because i dont want insect to live in there and dust can accumulate. next also to save on the costs. regardless, with cove is still nicer. but i dont need it. each to there own preference again.

oh yeah, my aircon is up to. cut a cave at the false ceiling, and stuff it in.

IMG 20140512 WA0010

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next will be false ceiling in the master bedroom. yes.. m.bedroom just to hide the ugly trunking of the aircon. so we pretty much covered the (ceiling) entrace of the m bedroom. impressive job done again by my contractor and id.

IMG 20140512 WA0001


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kitchen time. hiding the gas pipe. i pray hard there is no gas leakage.. or else. ok lets just trust the citygas who set up the pipe and my contractor on the box up... be positive.

IMG 20140512 WA0005

IMG 20140512 WA0007

IMG 20140512 WA0006

nice? well... i'm satisfied :sport-smiley-018:


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while waiting for progress, lets see what i have bought for my ceiling

Fan - KDK V touch junior from JB. Bought at Yess lighting and costs me 400ringgit. Thats 150sgd. Where to find this price in SG u tell me.. thats why i die die must drive in buy


Lights! since i was at yess lighting, i also asked about the led downlights, with remote control and can change lumen one, it is around 80 ringgit. but in end, bought form taobao.. ha

Opple brand - 4 inch silver rim - 11 W

9 x 6000k cool light

4 x 4000k yellow light

each at 80rmb... :notti:

of course plus freight and handling of fragile item.. one is still about 25SGD

Led downlight

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for my study room and kids room. ceiling light with remote control also buy from taobao. it can on/off, change to warm or bright light. 2.4g remote technology... ok.. dont really care about that. since i be pointing at it and click most of the time also. :bleah:

1 x orange 24W

1 x grey 24W

remote light

walk in wardrobe light. also from taobao.

1 x cube (21x21cm) white color with no light bulb. so i can choose my own led energy saving lightbulb.

walk In wardobe light


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k, i'm getting a bit lazy on the remaining lights plus budget constraint. so i bought a lot of these. from taobao.

other lights

1 x 12W for kitchen

3 x 5W for service yard, bomb shelter and bedroom entrance

2 x 8W for common and master toilets

come to think of it... are they bright enough? hmmmmmmmmmmm :unsure:

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oh yeah~ my hob, hood, oven and 2 x toilet sinks are here~ ID took in the stock for me as i was not available. All in place and in order.

20140517 161023

entire batch above is bought from asiaexcel imm.

1 x hob (RB-3SS GB)


1 x hood (RH-C779-SB)


1 x oven (RBO-5CSI)


2 x toilet sinks (48x48cm)


why rinnai? i trust singapore brand.. wahaha. but anyway, it's still made in china. plus the other brands dont really suit my likings in terms of looks, function, size and feel. i typically chose a further left side burner to cater for big woks or pots.

and why tempered glass hob? initially going for stainless steel, to cut costs and can abuse without fear of cracking and smashing. but surprisingly, the costs difference with tempered glass is too minimal, plus the scratches... can be really really ugly and scary. in the end.. chose tempered glass instead, irregardless, still is nicer.. but cannot abuse it like how you 'teppanyaki' compared to stainless steel ones. treat it with care

service from asiaexcel is so far so good. delivery on promise. and willing to share info and give tips while at shop.

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spot checking on weekend.. lets see what i found

grilles are up! and also window for service yard

20140517 161050

living room grilles with my painted walls.. left side in grey

20140517 161035

study room grilles with left side in grey

20140517 161015

master bedroom and grilles with right side in grey

20140517 161006

entire house painting, only 2 colours pure white and light grey

nippon easywash with teflon

and as told by my id.. white is the most difficult to paint. 4 layers needed :jawdrop: . because it's pure white, it have to really cover the base and if slight colour difference, it can be very obvious. but they did it with grace and professionalism. so far so good. only some slight uneven spot and abit of painting gaps between floor tiles & skirting. which i have told my id to touch up. minor issue.. hoping for good results.

i also gotta praise the works on the grilles and window. very well done. thought putting grilles can be like a prison and very depressing. but it looks good surprisingly. just gotta say, i like it. thumbs up. but still.. if i dont have any small kid with me.. i definitely wont put any grilles.. muahahah :sport-smiley-018:

also received advice.. for invisible grilles.. it looks nice. price is somehow same also. but.. it is quite sharp.. and may cut your hands if you are not careful. also heard of birds who accidentally kamikaze in, and got its head chopped off... :jawdrop: i dunno how true.. but i dont wanna try.. ha

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alright.. lets see some items i bought for decorations. all from taobao again. hurhur

for my kids room, a set of circle racks

circle racks

for the dining area, some simple shelfs . no idea how i wanna put yet.. hmmm

dining shelves

tree wall decals for my kids room

kids decal

study room wall decal for my study room

study decal

lesson learnt on the wall decals, for about the same price and faster delivery, it can actually be found in qoo10 aka gmarket.

looking at the wall decals.. think i gonna spend 6hrs at least to do it... zzzzz


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toilet stuffs! also from taobao.. haha

shower set for my toilets x 2


sadly the hand held and stand felt plasticky compared to what hdb provided. only the tap/knob is very solid and heavy. u really get what u paid for.

for the rest of the item below, feel solid and durable. thumbs up

basin tap for toilet sinks x 2

sink Tap

toilet paper holder for toilets x 2

toilet paper holder

towel rack for toilets x 2

tower rack

hand towel holder for toilets x 2

hand towel rack

door hanger for clothing behind toilet doors x 2

door hanger

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kitchen sink... taobao again.

kitchen sink

was lucky to catch its promo at 838rmb. set consist of sink, tap, sauce rack, knife holder, small dustbin (on the right), soap dispenser (on the left), drainers with filters and connecting pipe systems. actually its what u see in the pic, apart from the knife and plates. tap is not those plastic feeling type, really heavy and solid stainless steel.never had high hopes for china products but the tap impressed me.

colour cups for the usual needs in the kitchen

kitchen cups

flavoring bottles for the common sugar, salt, etc.

flavor cups


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Hi, can share the link for the flavouring bottles? :)

hi bro, all the items i have placed a link on their text. :notti:

unless its not showing... then i have to edit ler. :sport-smiley-018:


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