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Our First Journey (5Rm Bto)

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For kitchen we decided to use chimney hood because it get oily when cooking. This how the internal look like with cement base under the sink area.


After completion,


I simply love the kitchen.

We decide on glass backing for easy cleaning. Table top is quartz. Hobs from Hobz brand.

We are making two sides for the kitchen and this is the other side.


The opening is to place microwave, we decided not to built-in oven and microwave because if the items spoilt its easier to change them. The tall cabinet is our version of blum tall unit where we intend to keep stock of dry item. Like a mini-stock pantry :)


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Our walkway, also contube. Our door frame is painted black to match our house theme. Even the toilet frame was painted to match the pd door frame color. Our contractor was nice not to charge extra for this, how wonderful is our contractor. (HIghly Recommended)


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Instead of normal wardrobe, we decide on pole system.

This is stainless steel version. It is super classy and of course come with a price tag too. But if you're doing a walk-in wardrobe I believe this is the best look you can get. They even have a place to hang our bags. This is love at first sight. This is from sg closet. The boss is also a nice chap who is willing to work around your budget. But we didnt go with this because after spending on other things on the house, this come to us as costly but do drop by their showcase at paya lebar.


If you prefer something cheaper, they have aluminium version too. This is more suited for our budget. Some places you can consider:

BESGLAS from toa payoh

The sales person is not as friendly and they are strict with their pricing. Very difficult to bargain.

OPSH at 1104 Serangoon Road

We didnt have a good impression about this company. Reason is when we walk in the first time, there is only one sales person and he didnt know much about the pole system. They are also ID company. He was more interested in entertaining another customer inquiring about the kitchen. We get the number of the person in-charge of the system. We call and make appointment the next day. However when we arrive he is not there and inform us that he will only be in in late afternoon. If you cant even keep your appointment, what trust do we have on the company to do a amazing job?

Sparico from ubi

Highly recommended. We purchase ours from here. She is friendly sales person. Not tired of explaining to us about the different types they have. They also is able to work within our budget with everything we need for the system. They are also direct from factory so you can imagine the price they are offering.


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You got that right lots of time and money spent but we believe in something long term and for our comfort too :)

Normal home. You must have spend alot of time and money on it.

Went to besglas when I was shopping in IMM. Sale person was very new. Not very knowledgeable. Ask for discount for two doors. He told me no way so coz got fixed pricing. Understand how you feel.

Finally got my bi-fold door from Ho Ho at the shopping mall near my home. Their booths was packed so I figured out that there must be good bargain. Got my door at $188. All in. When the sale girl ask for 50% deposit I quit scared. But Jenny told me they have 30 years experience and got three storey factory so I less worry. She even gave me her company new website so my mum can choose new designs. very nice service. My doors are nicely installed.

Cheap door and good service. Recommended.




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some furniture we love. Credit: PInterest

If anyone know where we can purchase something similiar please let us know, of course with good price :)




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our master room still in progress...

This small area is going to be our mini tv console area.



I kinda of design this dressing area of mine. I make it a point to have a sliding mirror so i can hide my accessorizes. I also prefer it floating off the floor so that i dont have to move too much furniture when cleaning.


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Finally got time to take more picture...

Our version of Blum tall unit


Blum dish rack


A better image of the idea of cement sink, yet to clean the place up.


We even painted the pipes for aesthetic purposes



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