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  1. Hi, May i know how much is your hob and hood? thx
  2. There are many brands of cement screed in the market. Not possible to standardize. Better workmanship of tiler also command a higher labour charge. Workmanship of HDB's contractor really CMI. Last time is using OPC (ordinary portland cement) + sand. That is much cheaper than pre-packed screed.
  3. Hi, Cement screed is $4,163.25? How much are you quoted for tiling? What's the floor area for the screeding? rgds
  4. Hi, May I have the taobao link for the hello kitty curtain? thks
  5. Hi Bro, Must have save a lot from all the DIY Well done Looks professional.
  6. Hi, I presume your bedrooms are lower than the living room. Why need to hack off old cement screed? unless your bedroom is higher than the tile flooring in living. So the amount including hacking of 432sqft of old cement. That alone will cost few hundreds. But 2K is still a lot. Once you get your own contractor to do the screed, if the floor is not level after HERF installation, your contractor may push the problem to the screed, eg. too high or too low. I'll send you some contacts later.
  7. Hi, What's the thickness of your screed? Why can't you use normal screed? Self leveling screed should be use to level out the unevenness after normal screed. Few mm should be sufficient I think. If laying laminate or parquet etc on top, thickness should at least 3mm. I think $2000 is expensive. Should try to get 2nd quote.
  8. if you connect laptop directly to ONT port2, does it work? When u connect new converted LAN point (for study) to ONTport2, u use CAT6 cable? Sometimes this cable can be defective All LAN points can be connected to laptop directly although there are exceptions.
  9. Hi Tiler Seng, Can quote me 12 ft concrete support (tiling with homogenous tiles) with cabinet doors? Thanks
  10. Hi, Thank you so much for the information. I shall visit Chelsea Lighting this weekend regards
  11. Hi, May i know where did you buy multi-point heater and how much was it? Did your contractor install it for you? I am also considering C600 because storage tank does look ugly and bulky. Thanks.