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Typical Singaporean: Ai Pih Ai Chi (Cheap Yet Good)

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Hi, I am thinking of buying PVC cabinet from taobao and using in my tiny toilet, which will have no shower screen so water will get constantly splashed. How is your experience with the one you installed?

Mine's good so far cos the shower screen prevents water from getting into contact with the cabinet. May I suggest if you don't plan to get a shower screen, use a shower curtain instead? On taobao there is those with curved curtain rod (something like this: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.0.0.LVUEU1&id=20662683395&ns=1&abbucket=10#detail ) .Its good for corner shower and water won't touch the pvc cabinet. No matter how, in the long run, water isn't good for any surfaces.

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Thanks for the quick feedback! Unfortunately the toilet is really tiny! Even shower curtain will have problem AND going to be used by my parents, don't think they will be bothered to pull the curtain. Maybe I need to put the sink outside the toilet and create an area for it..

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A bit overkill with the cargo box-textured kitchen cabinet when whole cabinet looks like rough wood, it can be very purplexing and make sure you hide all the cutleries, crocheries and utensils. Such textured designs look nice without any add ons. the only u display other stuff, it breaks their uniformity and look very messy. Also, use the wrong colour plates or saucers or vase, the whole picture can be very eye-sore.

Also bathroom cabinet doesn't go well with the sink at all. Consider replacing either.

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Appreciate the honesty but that's truly very rude to talk that way. There's a fine line btwn blunt and coming across as rude.

FYI, all designs looks nice when there is NO cutlery, CROCKERIES or utensils.

If you don't like it that's not my problem.

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Hello Jasminnie, able to share ur quote n Nick's contact... Thx :) my email is hoseiboh88@gmail.com

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The last few of my Taobao loot also gets installed today:

Common toilet.

This PVC bathroom cabinet only costs S$150 including DOMESTIC shipping:

PVC more lasting than wood because they don't get moldy or mildew as compared to using wood.

1) Closed cabinet door

2) Opened cabinet door

For $150 it comes with a towel hanging bar, side cabinets for storage and a larger bottom cabinet for more storage.



$25 waterfall tap also installed:


Kitchen tap:

The very functional and nice kitchen tap that a gf recommended. Long hose allows pulling the nozzle off the holder to wash further off corners of sinks and table. $67 inclusive international shipping. Saw at Hoe Kee this selling for $200+ for the same tap.


HI Jasminnie,
Can i have the link of the waterfall tap and the kitchen tap?
May i know which forwarder did you use?
Thanks in advance! :)

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