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  1. Good luck with the reno, anyways.. Mind sharing your reno budget? Cheers!
  2. Lucky you, you got free HDB cement screeding.. HDB has stopped providing this service after 1st October 2014, and unfortunately we collected our keys on 10/10! So unfair, right..
  3. Hi, do you mind sharing your quotation? Pls email me at : foxbase_delta@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  4. Hi Jasmine, If you don't mind, can pls email me your quotation? It's $24K right? my email : foxbase_delta@hotmail.com TIA!
  5. Hi, do you mind emailing me your quotation? Appreciate it very much.. My email foxbase_delta@hotmail.com
  6. Looks pretty, but is it HDB-approved? Don't really see it in many of the newer flats, but seem to remember the older ones using something like that (wooden type windows)..
  7. Is that really the measurement of your kitchen? Both sides included, I mean...
  8. Wow... I was interested in Haiku fan, as well.. Till you mentioned $1100.. Had no idea it's that steep... Any cheaper but good alternatives to recommend? On a tight budget leh..