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Jarci @ Ai

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Feeling bored now so thought of starting a blog documenting a week-by-week progress of the renovation.

Our renovation started 3 weeks ago and our house is at AI.

Not going to bored you with the process of selecting our ID. Just wanna share that we contacted the IDs that fellow bloggers recommended but didn't engage any one of them. We engaged the one who contacted us after we submitted our quotation request through a reno website.The reason is simply because his quotation fits our budget.

As for the theme, we've got no specific theme. We just choose and match what we like from the catalogues. But i think it's more towards scandinavian..

Ok.. first up some photos of the house before renovation.


See our pineapple.


Stupid recess wall which we box up.


I like the white tiles in the kitchen and bathroom



Common bathroom. Changing the basin.


Ugly brown mosiac tiles.

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Week 1 of Renovation

Cement screed done for the living room, passageways and bedrooms. We are using berryalloc laminates.

We did not ask HDB to do the cement screed coz we know that they won't do a good job and we have to wait for WEEKSSS for the job to be done before we can start our reno/ We got our ID to do it and his worker did a good job.



Aircon up for the 3 bedrooms.


Bases done for the kitchen cabinet and washing machine.


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Week 2 of Renovation

False ceiling done and recess wall boxed-up.


The ugly brown tiles in the master bedroom overlayed. Trying to create a hotel-feel toilet.


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Week 3 of Renovation

First coat of painting for the whole house done.


The shower screen for both bathrooms fixed. Love the clean look. :)


Flooring for the living room and bedrooms also done. We are using Berryalloc laminates. Found out about this brand while we were sourcing for an ID. I wanted woodgrain homogenous tiles for the living room but when an ID took us to Hafary, we realised that tiles feel cold when u step on it and it's even colder in the aircon room. He introduced us to berryalloc and we fell in love with the design of the laminates. Laminates give a cozy and natural feel. It's like 冬暖夏凉. When the weather is cold, it doesn't feel cold when u step on it. When the weather is hot, it doesn't make the room hotter but on the other hand, might make the room feel cooler.

We were glad that our ID was able to get it at a lower price than woodculture. It might not last as long as tiles but we shall see.. For now, we are happy we chose this.


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Hi.. how much was your Cement screed?

It's $1150

Hello neighbour, looks like quite a number of renotalkers are from AI, good to see your works progressing well.


hello fellow AI neighbour...

Hello! :)


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