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Hi Yelena,

Not sure if you are still active here, however would just like to find out how much it cost you for the whole renovation plus electrician as I am also getting a 5room?

Thanks in advance.


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On ‎8‎/‎10‎/‎2014 at 6:07 PM, Yelena said:

Day 25 (30/10/14)

Our tiles should be arriving next week! Had an in-depth discussion on Thursday to finalise on all carpentry details till close to 12midnight! When we left their office, they were still serving another couple! Talk about dedication!
We were so surprised when Mr J informed us that our kitchen carpentry work is ongoing already. Workmanship is awesome! :sport-smiley-004:
Went on to decide on our platform vinyl, the more promising designs we were leaning on more:
Day 26 (1/11/14)
Popped by our place to get some pictures taken but the sun has already gone down so pictures turned out to be grainy. But I guess it's better than nothing!
The kitchen and toilets were done with screeding and prepped for tiling works to take place next. We planned to have exposed screed walls and we have to saw that we are pretty pleased with how it looks like, especially the kitchen! Loving the swirls/ cloudy effect!

Hi Yelena

Hubs & me are looking at cement screed walls too but we were wondering if it could withstand the splashes of water for at least a good 5 years? It will be full cement screed walls in the common bath since it will not be often used for showers and partial for MBR toilet. TIA!


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