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Solutions For Refurbishing/replacing Main Door And Gate?

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Currently my 11yr old HDB main gate and main door works. But the previous owner diyed a terrible paint job on them both, there's hardened dribbles and wrinkles here there everywhere. And the paint is white, so the dirt between the paint folds shows up really well.

Anyone can advise some methods? I tried scraping some paint folds off myself, but it's **** hard. Are there contractors that will scrape, sand and repaint at a reasonable price?

Or better to just change gate and door, especially since I intend to install digital lock as well? If so, got any recommendations that bao ga liao? Or 2 contractors also can, 1 do just the doors and gate, 1 do just the locks. I dun feel like sourcing from 3 different contractors for doors, gate, and lock respectively. I contacted Mydigitallock already, but their service attitude very unenthusiastic, so my hopes on them have dropped a lot.

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hi crandf

There is no one willing to do all these diffcult job.

1st time consuming and expectation of the after work finished are very subjective to individual owner.

For my case, I m also doing paint remover myself.

It is tiring and caused myself a few burnt mark by the paint remover "Teck Sai".

My wife and I like the rustic effect of the door coloring but still there is pending work for us.

Sanding, wood fillers and finding the right coating to protect my firerated door.




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