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  1. Hi, i m looking for a carpentry work contractor to do a cabinet, drawer cum shoe rack (all in one). Does anyone has any recommendation?
  2. STAS is more ex. I got it from Qframing. Its more affordable compared to STAS. They are using NEWLY U Rail or others depending what your wife want. www.newly.nl/downloads/get?file=1/salesmanual.pdf
  3. Last night very strange, my wife said that the washer auto shut down 2 times. I told her to not to overload and put in too much load and monitor again. So in the end, when we set to manual rinse and spin. Will monitor again.
  4. Really? Then i should give a call to ask again or drop them an email to have written in black and white.
  5. thanks looney, I have always keep the temp to low and now maintain at the preset RPM. Not sure if it is due to the laundry net my wife used when washing, like causing unbalance and overload(very doubtful)? Will monitor again for sure.
  6. Need not get LG to service but u need to proof ur record of servicing.
  7. My area is a resale unit, hence only a few brands i can purchase due to the building power supply. I got LG system 4 inverter for my resale unit. Quiet and think price is much more within my budget. 5 years warranty, you will need quarterly service to render such warranty from LG. I am not planning to do any quarterly service yet, still so new less than 1 month. However I did not purchase any extended warranty as well as think 3 years standard coverage should be sufficient. By the 2nd year, think regular service is important. Not sure if this is ok. Maybe other have 2nd opinions.
  8. I have similar experience too. Bought a LG front load WD1480TDT. Errors, and took more than 1.30 hrs to 2 hrs to wash normal laundry. Does front load always take this long to wash?
  9. hi crandf There is no one willing to do all these diffcult job. 1st time consuming and expectation of the after work finished are very subjective to individual owner. For my case, I m also doing paint remover myself. It is tiring and caused myself a few burnt mark by the paint remover "Teck Sai". My wife and I like the rustic effect of the door coloring but still there is pending work for us. Sanding, wood fillers and finding the right coating to protect my firerated door.
  10. Did you manage to install the picture hanging system? I saw online from this brand STAS. http://product.stasgroup.com/en/ My wife want to have this hanging system, wonder where can i get it done without burning a big hole.
  11. Finally, my Kraus 23" inch sink has arrived. Cancelled my order with Amazon China, due to they screwed up after 2 weeks by shipping only the sink without the faucet. Asking me if I would like to wait for another 2-3 weeks. Also many thanks to Bro Benetay for the good advice. In the end divert to make my purchase from Amazon USA with free shipping after talking with the CSO. Bought the faucet separately. Have not done anything about the sink as reno has not start. But I m very happy about the quality of the sink. Worth very bit of money invested. [/u RL] [
  12. i m keen to find a fan for my resale unit. For my living room and masterbedroom. No need lights, need black color. Which brand is good and valued for money?
  13. Bro, how was the waiting period from Amazon China to 65daigou warehouse? i bought the combo 23 inch sink with the facet included $399.70 (Amazon CN). Not sure how much it will cost to ship to SG.