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  1. Could you please send me your ceiling fans price list? I am planning to install 3 42" fans with lights and 1 60" fan at the living room. Thank you.
  2. Hi, would you mind to share with me how you get to have the FOC shipping? I just checked the amazon website, and the shipping cost was rocket high. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am thinking of installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom to keep our towels dry after use. I am also hoping the heat may keep the bathroom dry. But not so sure if it is effective. Anyone installed that before? Any good or bad experience to share? Thanks
  4. Hi, did you find the installer? Can share with me if he/they are good in the installation as well as calibrating the complete set? Thank you
  5. I have many pictures to hang on concrete wall (almost no more white space in the house can be spared) and do not want to drill too many holes on the walls. Saw that there is a picture hanging rail system http://www.popandcontemporaryart.com/Picture-Rail-Hanging.php that allow me to change pictures constantly, like a art gallery and it's neat. The price is rather high so thinking of DIY. However, not sure where to get an OEM rail etc. Appreciate any comments on how to work and where to get the materials. Many Thanks
  6. I'm looking for strong nails that can be hammered onto concrete walls, instead of drilling. Found the black steel nails in a hardware store, but still bend when hammered. Any suggestion where can i find the right one? Thanks
  7. Check out the Oleerod Dehumidifier....my friends told me that it works to keep the shoes in the closet and clothes in the wardrobe from mould. please share where i can get a more reasonable priced rod dehumidifier. It is expensive (in my view) when I checked out Home Fix...12" for $60. Thanks
  8. I'm staying in a 3 room resale old flat along corridor. The window is the old louvre type where most parts are in aluminium leaves. I hardly open the windows or main door to ensure privacy. However, this causes the living room not bright enough during daytime. Any suggestion to the type of window and grilles that i can change to and what is the estimated cost to change for the living room and one bedroom that is along the corridor? I prefer those windows that allow sunlight to penetrate through yet my neighbours won't be able to see inside when they walk passed my unit. Perhaps something like the white opaque acrylic type but using material that is suitable for corridor. As for the grilles, any recommendation on the design to be simple and modern looking yet it can prevent theft from easily break-into the house, such as stainless steel. Thanks for reading and hope to have some valuable suggestions.
  9. Hi, where can i check out nice door knob at reasonable price? Not going for branded one Thanks!
  10. any recommendation of old system 2 being trade in and install a new system 2? What is the cost like? The old ones are still usable, but the trunking was ran unsightly due to built-in cabinets of 30 years which I'm tearing them down.
  11. I need to polish the marble flooring in my living hall and terrazzo tiles in two bedrooms for a 3 room HDB flat that is over 30 years old.Some contractors quoted me $380 for wet polish, where others mentioned dried grinding method (between $650 to $700) is better as it will not cause any water leakage to downstairs.Anyone can advise which method is better and if the price is reasonable?Separate note, is $1700 seems ok to plaster all the walls?Thank you
  12. Any one ever used Ardo washer cum dryer? Saw this model WDO1264L at the Technogas warehouse sale selling at $1098. Think this is really a steal but never heard of the brand here.
  13. Hi MaCe so is more of a mind thing then fengshui thanks
  14. Hi MaCe curious, could you explain why the nope part thanks
  15. generally ... look at the unit in respect of the block. you should notice how your unit is facing