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Instant Hot Water Shower

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Can I have your input on instant heaters for shower? Thinking of water balloon 25L for 2 toilets, 4 pax in the family. Some say it takes a lot on the electricity bill, but can I turn it on only when I need it?

Otherwise, been looking at instant heater options, what brands are good and fast heating water? Aerogaz has a deal for $139, heater S895, including rain shower and hand shower.... Sounds cheapest I have found. Other brands I am thinking of is 707.



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Here is a Renotalk article that gives you a good comparison of several popular types of water heaters in Singapore. You are choosing between instant and storage. The comparison includes both of these heaters.

>> Everything You Need to Know About Water Heaters

A few things to note:

1. Storage and instant heaters have about the same consumption

2. if you are installing instant, you need to buy two heaters. If storage, you only need one. So instant may become more expensive. (unless you only want to install in one bathroom) :)

2. If you have 4 pax in the family, safer to take 40lit or you *may* run out of hot water

707 is a good brand. the cheapest instant heaters we've seen in the market so far are at Jalan Besar. PM if you want the shop name or latest info.


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