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I engaged Kenny from Gplan 5 yrs back, will be using him again this time round since had gd experience prefer to stay put then go search ard again.. 
Located in IMM, can check him out for those looking ard.. 


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On 27/11/2015 at 6:52 PM, JLinBigABC1 said:

I wish to share my experience last few months when choosing a ID/contractor to renovate my resale arm flat in pasir ris.

Months before deciding to get the house, we started to source for IDs and contractors. Before everything, i thought that IDs will be a better choice as they seem more legit however, after experiencing some of the ID companies, we decided to go for contractor. ( because a lot of IDs charge hidden fees and ID fees and what nots, plus a lot of them are quite young with not much experience. )

So i got referred by my colleague to this contractor cum ID. He is in the field for about 25 years and hence have a lot of experience.

We actually have an idea of how we would like our house to be so we told him of our idea and most of the time he accommodate to our ideas but when our idea wasn't practical he immediately pointed out. I think we benefitted a lot from this "extra service" as i do not think younger IDs with less experience can match up.

Moreover, he offered me a super good price and i must say the workmanship and quality of materials are of high standards. We were very happy with the outcome of the reno.

Right from the start, we found him to be very sincere and straightforward. If he thinks that certain things shouldn't be this way he will let us know and advise us on the alternatives. He gave us many options and opinions which made us felt comfortable. Also, his service was very good as he is always contactable and will reply. We can tell that he is very passionate about his job as he always tells us how a home should be done and feel.

We decided to share our story here because we really saved a lot of money and we know that many people will be in the same situation as us and we will like to share this good experience with everyone and at the same time hopefully he will benefit from our sharing by getting more customers!

Anyone interested please let me know.

Hello JLinBigABC1,

Please share contact details. You can email me at cysnotts@yahoo.com Thanks


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same here! i engaged a renov company instead of ID firm.

This renov company have their in house carpentry thus my carpentry were all lower in pricing as compared to ID firm. ID firm have really alottt hidden cost!


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On ‎20‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 7:49 PM, JohnnyCheng1980 said:

Hi all, I'm here to share my experience and journey of my renovation. 

Me and my wife have just bought a HDB recently and we were looking around for contractors and IDs. Got a few quotations and I have been asking around my friends and family that have done some renovations. 
We compared a few price around and finally a colleague of mine told me that his nephew is doing renovation too and I went to ask him for a quotation. To my surprise his quotation is the cheapest among all the quotations 
I've received from all the contractors and IDs I asked around, reasoning because he doesn't have an office so he doesn't have much expenses and liability.
He is rather young so we were kinda doubtful regarding his experience, but once again he has exceeded my expectations by showing how experienced he is on the field.
His contractors has followed him for many years and he is very responsible. He has a really reliable partner that has been on the field for more than 10 years too.  
So I decided to share my contacts with him and so far all of my friends that I recommended have no complains about him. :D 

Me and my wife decided that we will do him a favor and recommend him here for this deserving young lad. 
Do pm me for his contacts. 


Appreciate it if you PM me your contractor's contact.

or email t me : cyeng65@hotmail.com

Thank you!


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