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Beware Of Debbie Decor Interior

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i did my toilet s( 2 units) reno last dec and was recommended by my other contractor to this company. After less than 2 months of reno, one of my toilet flooded and they came and rectify indicating the pipe they used for the joint is too small..... (no experience at all).

during the quotation stage, i request him (dennis - boss) to change out my aircon pipe since it is concealed and and i am doing reno must as well change the pipe (using for 18 years). so he charged for it.

After 6 months, my aircon run lows on gas so i tot might be my old aircon so i changed my aircon in this june. who knows in Nov time, the gas is running low again.

so i called him and let him know that the change pipe is leaking. to my horror he said that in this quote he only indicates that he change the pipe in the toilet not outside the toilet and the leak might be from outside connecting to the compressor unit so not his fault.

he also indicates that he only change the damaged pipe as hacking will always damaged the pipe.

So i am charged double, he made me pay for the pipe that his guys damaged while playing with words (to lay man when we indicate change pipe we think as the whole pipe).

very dishonest contractor so please be very careful when you are dealing with him. Last but not least, he accused me of not paying him the last payment which i did and i had to remind him to collect it a few times (which is recorded in watsapp).

Mine is a terrace house and his man was so rough, spoiled our parquet (they even broke my stair parquet though they replace but the colour is totally off, but we accept). they damaged 2 rooms parquet at the entrance to toilet door. they polish one room as compensation (whole as if only polish at the entrance it looks worst), while the other room they say is our fault.

we are easy, so we just let it goes... till the aircon incident and is time to warn people about them.


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sorry to hear.

Once my aircon not cold .Called a contractor from newspaper clasisfied. The bastard said need bring compressor back to repair and cleaned.Costs was $800.I told him to F off.Might as well buy new one.He sounded professional and honest  at first.

next day called another guy.He checked and said pipe leaking and repaired on the spot at $80

.Sometimes we easy going people take advantage. Had i been you I would not pay them unless they make good the damages


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These are nightmares which as owners we try to prevent.

Therefore, it is important to state the scope of works. And clearly indicate the cost involved. 

Hope you got it all sorted out by now.


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