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Our suburban family home

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Samsung RSH7UN


We need a big refrigerator because we cook a lot (and also because I hoard cheese).  My husband's requirement for the kitchen was an automatic ice-maker/water dispenser.  The kind that hooks up from the plumbing with an in-line filter because we are too lazy to pour filtered water into a storage tank like many new models have.  The salesman tried to talk us into the tank style as he said that sometimes these plumbed models can fail and leak water EVERYWHERE.  I actually know a couple of people this has happened to, and it's very bad when your floors are timber or carpet, but since ours are tile, we'll stay lazy and keep our fingers crossed :P

Bosch SMS63L08EA

Speaking of lazy, my requirement for the kitchen was a dishwasher.  Again since we cook a lot, handwashing dishes takes up a significant chunk of my time each day right now.  I also really like sterilizing things that touch raw meat because I'm a worrier.  This Bosch model was on sale and looked like it would match the fridge.

Bosch HBN331E2J

So it turns out our salesman was the Bosch guy.  We ended up with this oven that I see a lot of people here getting.  Hopefully it's reliable.  I bake a little, but I really wanted this for casseroles and roasting things.



We also got the matching Bosch hob and slimline hood.  Come on German engineering, don't fail me!

Electrolux EWF85743 + Electrolux EDV7051


Our washer and dryer are Electrolux.  The dryer is vented and I'm planning to find a kit to vent it out the kitchen window.

Rheem EH-40M


Finally, after weighing the pros and cons of instant vs gas vs electric storage water heaters, we decided to get a storage water heater.  I like hot water that can get very hot, and my husband wanted rain showers.  We decided to get a Rheem because my in-laws have one and they've been using it for 10 years without any problems.  It also heats up very quickly--only about 5 minutes before the water is hot enough to shower.  We'll be stashing it away up in a kitchen cabinet.


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Here is what has been done since last week.

    Windows and grilles installed
    Aircon trunking installed
    All screeding completed
    Toilet walls and floors tiled and grouted
    Skim plastering on ceilings
    Living room floor tiles

I love my new windows(!) and the aircon trunking is... well, it's aircon trunking.  It's about as nicely done as we could hope for given the circumstances and the men who came out from CoolServe were very polite and seemed to know what they were doing.  We will be putting chests of drawers under the window to hide the aircon panel and help absorb any sound that might come from the condenser unit.


What I'm not very pleased with is this:


The plaster guy dripped ceiling plaster all over my brand new toilet floors.  They haven't even been there a week.  The grout isn't even fully cured yet!  I paid $280 for floor protection, but apparently plastering the ceiling over a newly finished floor isn't enough of an occasion to bring it out? :angry2:   My ID assures me this will be cleaned off; however, my sister-in-law renovated last year and still has plaster stains on her tiles despite her ID sending cleaners to her place twice to try to remove it.  I just don't understand.  Five mins to lay down corrugated paper vs how many hours to scrub all this off?  Don't let this be you.  Make sure your ID starts protecting your floors immediately after they are finished.  None of this drip plaster and scrape it off later nonsense.

The tilers are still there this week too.  How demoralizing to see your hard work treated this way.


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Hi all, it's been a while and our flat should be ready for handover this coming Monday.  So here are some updates on how things have been going:

After the plaster guy got plaster all over my shower floor, I asked my ID to please lay down flooring protection over my wood plank tiles as soon as they were laid so that they wouldn't get similarly dirty.  They did not:


The floor in the above picture is literally 2 days old.  Newly laid and grouted, and cement dust, plaster etc everywhere.  Most distressing is the pale grout lines.  I had requested grout darker than the floor color to minimize the "tile look" in the rooms with wood plank tiles.  Even after a cleanup, the grout was much too pale:

I don't know if it's normal or if it was just our experience or what, but the tile layers at our house made a complete mess of everything.  In the photos, you can see the dust tracked everywhere, but in addition to that, they also left food/drink rubbish laying around, put out cigarette butts on the new floor, etc.  Just generally treated the whole house like a dump.  I was so glad when they packed up and left.  Anyway, after they were out, everything was done much more neatly.  The plumbing and wiring went in, the bathroom fixtures were installed... and then the ID called the tile guys back to fix my pale grout.  The grout is now dark, but there's sand in my new toilet bowl, dust and grout powder all over both bathroom floors and basins... just a complete mess.  I know the cleaners will be in soon, but it's very depressing to look at the brand new fixtures you've bought in this condition.  They also put out a few more cigarette butts on my floor for good measure.  Here's the darker grout and the accompanying mess:




The false ceiling was nicer than I hoped.  They thoughtfully boxed up the plumbing that runs through the bedrooms for free.  And I really love our partition closets-- they are exactly what we wanted!


The kitchen cabinets are also done!  Still need to put the pegboard and shelving up on the opposite wall, and the fridge isn't installed yet.



So now we're just waiting for a final coat of paint and the cleaning.  I really, really hope the cleaners are good because they have a lot of work cut out for them.  Oh-- and defects.  There are only a few small defects, and the absolute worst of them is that one of our shower tiles cracked when the shower screen was installed:


I dread the thought of having the tile guys come back, but no other choice I suppose.


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Hey Rynaed! You must be busy cleaning post renovation and moving in. Post some photos soon because I am excited to see you blue gate-less door and the rest of the home. 


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