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One of the best movers i encountered, Trusted Moving Services

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Recently, I was looking for a mover company to assist me in moving. They were very punctual that day and were very helpful. Also, they charged at a reasonable price and their services are superb, will definitely recommend this group of experienced mover!. These are their informations, feel free to contact them!

Home relocation
By TMS movers


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Thanks for the recommendation. I need a reliable mover for my friend cos the one they used sucks. The company is Premier Transport and Mover Services at 22 Sin Ming. The sales guy and supervisor name is Alex **82799482**. This Alex charged them $880 to move their stuff from a Holland 3 rm flat to Jurong East and did not complete the job. The movers supposed to come another day to move the rest of the stuff and help setup his teak wardrobe, wooden bed but did not keep to their promise. Have been siaming my friend's call for more than 3 weeks. Called the company, the secretary said boss always overseas, can only call Alex to settle. They ding dong him here and there but did not solve his problem. Poor guy now don't have a bed to sleep. The worst thing is he run out of budget and have 2 young children to look after. This Alex is really very heartless and evil, I hope nobody will use them. FYI, this company charges by hr. On the surface looks cheap but I think the workers take their own sweet time to do the job. Thats how they con ppl money like what they did to my friend. Be careful of such unscrupulous company.  Anyway some of our friends and I came out with some money to help him out. Hope the mover we use will be better.


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Hi guys recently i just engaged Vimbox Movers. The service is excellent. Site surveyors came on time to view my items. The whole moving process is very fast and efficient. Ultimately my item are damage free. I recommend Vimbox Movers! Will use them again whenever i need them for moving. Most important is their price are reasonable! 

Just to share this information to fellow peeps. Cheers! 

Home relocation and other services. 

By Vimbox Movers

Contact : 6339 4439

Email : admin@vimboxmovers.com.sg


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Lorry transport and moving service
91820850 (24/7)

Specialist in doing transport for company/shop delivery service and relocation movers services for homes and commercial properties
As a registered transport business with Excellent Service always ready to serve you

Our 15 ft trucks(box) can provide you with 
- free boxes (for household/office relocations)
- free quotation/site survey and free wrapping service
- Household, office and factory relocation
- Removal/transport service for events and exhibitions
- Packing & Unpacking Service
- Disposal Service
- Transport Service (Rental with Drivers) 
- Manpower Supply Service
- Unstuffing of Containers Service

Call to discuss for your flexible moving services!


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To all, 

Please do not engage Trusted Moving Services. I repeat... do not engage them ! Poor services and want to cheat my small deposit. I have reported this to CASE because I feel they have taken me for a ride and it's not about the money, but it's about the principle of delivering what has been promised. Here is my experience with them : 

  1. 18/7 - Engaged them formally and requested for loan carton boxes. They offered but require $50 deposit. I paid and they sent the boxes to my home
  2. 28/7 - On the day of moving, I somehow had to just call them to find out the status (1 hour before) and only to be told it's raining at Orchard and that they will be late and I'll definitely miss my auspicious timing. I had to readjust my plan and head over to my new place 1st and therefore telling them to come later (being considerate to them). 
  3. 30/7 - Engaged them for another service which is to pick up 2 items at 2 different location that I have agreed with the 2 sellers between 10.30AM - 11.30AM, but unfortunately they failed to pick it up, and failed to update me the status until I started chasing them, only around 11.45AM that they told me their driver was in the police station (not sure how true this is...) but the damage was already done, as my 2 sellers were very upset as they waited whole morning for the pick up. I had to engaged another transporter to pick it up, but it was a hassle to find 1 in such a short notice and I had to pay extra ! 
  4. 30/7 - After this incident, I immediately told them to come collect the carton boxes next day 31/7 because I was very unhappy with their service.
  5. 31/7 - Reminded them again about the carton boxes collection and refund of deposit, they told me I needed to book 5 days in advance ! I was like WTF... this wasn't mentioned at all on 30/7 !!! Nvm, being a considerate person, I told them ok... 5 Aug 1PM - 3PM because I had to leave at 4PM to catch a 6PM flight (long weekend break). 
  6. 5/8 - Reminded them again in the morning, and they said will update me. By the time 2.30PM, I received SMS that they can't make it ! I was so pissed and they decided to use a SMS reply template message to reply all my messages after that and started ignoring my calls. 
  7. 10/8 - After back from my trip, I started bug them again because I really needed my space... finally they replied and say will settle this issue by picking it up next day 2pm - 4pm. I was like... WTF... I need to work ok, so I offered them their last chance which is to collect by Saturday 13/8 as I'll be home whole day. Seriously, whole day... I can wait, and I gave them anytime to come... but nOOOOOOooooOOOOooooo they are so busy that they can drop by and freaking collect the 20 carton boxes. When I told them off about their poor service and that they should be accommodating to my timing and not theirs, they ignored all my calls and SMS. 
  8. 14/8 - Decided to just tell them... Please enjoy my deposit as I'll be reporting to CASE on Monday morning and will be typing this review in every single forum in Singapore possibly can, to inform / advise everyone to stay away from TRUSTED MOVING SERVICES !!! 
  9. 15/8 - CASE have been lodged. 

Below are the details : 

54, Lorong 7 Realty Park, Singapore 536807
Contact # 97101153 / 83535862 / 85022242
Email : trustedmovingservies@gmail.com
Website : http://tmsmover.com/about-us/

I have already lodged a CASE report and will be waiting for an update from them. 


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Seeing so many contradicting reviews on home movers (as well as complaints), I think many of us didn't do the due diligence before hiring these movers. 

Maybe I can share some articles with tips before hiring a mover ourselves:

On commonly-asked questions for selecting a good home mover in Singapore: https://sghomeneeds.com/home-movers-commonly-asked-questions/

Alternatively you can ask these questions for screening of home movers: https://sghomeneeds.com/hiring-movers-singapore/.

Hope these articles help! (:


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Looking for house moving service in Singapore? SOON SENG is not your trusted house movers. Our happy event turned into a nightmare. Here is an honest and genuine Soon SENG MOVERS.

We engaged SOON SENG moving service on 29 August. There were numerous email, text messages and phone confirmation; I received the last confirmation again from them in the evening before the day of scheduled move.

We were so excited about the move, by 10am on 29 August, we were all ready waiting for the SOON SENG mover to arrive. They did not turn up as scheduled, I had to call to ask and the person who received my call seemed surprised about the hiccup. Minutes later, another person called and he claimed that he could not get in touch with the team supervisor, but promised to find out what went wrong. Some 20 minutes later, I received 2 photos of a lightly damaged truck. The head light was smashed and the bumper was dent. There was no phone call from him, just the photos. We called to ask for more details. He said the truck was involved in an accident and could not come to our service. And he claimed that they had to report to police. Looking at the minor accident, I couldn’t comprehend the need to report police. As a matter of fact, police will not entertain such road accident unless someone was injured. When I pressed for the location of the accident and the handphone of the team supervisor, I was tactfully denied. That’s when I sensed something was not right. However, I thought a house mover running a business in Singapore will not deceive their customer, we requested for alternatives; he offered a later moving at 2 pm, which we accepted.

By the time drew near, no call, confirmation or update from SOON SENG . Our constant calls seemed to irritate him. We were told to wait another 10 minutes while he looked for solution. 10 minutes passed and he sms that he would call us in 30 minutes. After which, we had not heard from SOON SENG since. We felt we were left to bleed to death with 60 boxes and furniture lying around the house.

By 3pm, we concluded SOON SENG has decided to abandon us. We frantically called many other movers, most turned us down as it was a last minute job, even next day service was not possible. Fortunately, with a help of a friend, we found her regular mover who agreed to help us move. That was almost 5pm in the evening, the team just finished their 2 house moving jobs earlier. We were very appreciative that they agreed to work overtime for us. Furthermore, we paid only $30 more than what SOON SENG quoted despite the last minute arrangement. They finished the moving job at 8.30pm.

SOON SENG accepted a business order from us but fail to deliver without offering remedy can only tell you something about them; SOON SENG is unprofessional, irresponsible, and maybe very inexperienced in the business. Even if the road accident was ‘genuine’, it was obvious that SOON SENG did not have any contingency plans in place to offer alternative solution to their client. To run a house moving business, you expect unforeseen events such as truck breakdown, road accident, staffs report sick…etc. If the road accident was ‘fake’, you’ll see clearly the business ethical values of SOON SENG .

The truth of the matter was that, in this whole house moving saga, there were no offers of replacement, no help, no apologies from SOON SENG . Do you want to put your stressful house moving service in the hands of SOON SENG . Think twice!


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