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Great workmanship and reliable contractor

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Hi all!

I just moved in to my new home at TampinesJ I wish to share my experience on how my renovation process went about.

Before getting our keys, me and my hubby started to source for a reliable IDs and contractors. Eventually we did not engage any IDs as we wanted to be an ID for our own home and so decided to engage a contractor instead.  We planned and decided on our renovation budget but of cos not everyone can stick to that budget as it can go higher. Although some contractors quoted the renovation package to be less than $40k or $30k, the workmanship did not impress us much and also we were doubtful when they promise us that the quality is there. Our key concern was not about the reno cost alone but a clean and trustable workmanship. We did not mind paying for a little more that are worth the money.

By chance, my hubby came across this contractor. We met him and shared our ideas on how we want our home to be. He was so accommodating and agree to most of our ideas. The best part is that when certain proposed ideas were not practical, this contractor informed us immediately and explained the reason. We were impressed as not many contractors would actually be frank with you to say if the ideas are practical as they are only interested in making money and does not want to ‘chase’ the customers away. Hence they tend to agree with most of the ideas given to them. We felt so comfortable liaising with this contractor and to share many ideas with him. Further, he had his own ideas and suggested some which really wow us! His ideas appeared to be more practical and he understand the value of the money put in for a house renovation. We told him our budget and he patiently went through with us the things we wanted. He was straightforward and honest and told us that as much as he can work out within the budget, there were be some instances that based on the quality of a product, we might have to put in extra cash. However he assure us that the quality will be there. We were glad that at least he informed us earlier to mentally prepare that the cost might be more. There were some contractors that we met, happily told us that they can work with our budget but when we told them to add in or change certain things, they increase the price and even told us to that the quality will not be a fantastic one! Why should we pay that much of money if the main requirement (quality) is not even met!!

After we collected our key, we brought our contractor to see our house. He told us that our proposed ideas will suit our theme and layout and will turn out to be well. That was so encouraging and we were super excited! He brought us to choose the tiles and offer us many suggestions so that we will not be confuse. The quality of the materials are of high standards and some were of cos pricey but trust me, they are really so beautiful that you just  cannot afford to let it go and regret later.

I should say that this contractor is very passionate about his job as his goal is to create a home where couples will always love to be in and there should not be no second thoughts or regret in future that because of the budget, we missed out certain details. He also provided some value-added services and try as much as possible to meet our budget. The thing we were impressed was the workmanship! He was sharp when it comes to inspection. Small details such as those that were not neatly done by his men, were mend immediately. We did not check our home often during renovation period since we trusted this contractor to take care of our house well. He will always check with us before doing certain reno works to ensure that we are satisfied. Overall there is no regret in engaging this contractor and his services. We are very much satisfied that the amount was well spent and here we got our dream homeJ.

We wanted to share our experiences here because we are really very satisfied with this contractor’s workmanship and reliability. We are sure that some of you will be confuse as to which IDs/contractors to choose from. It’s not a matter of whether the contractors are popular in the market, eventually, it’s the satisfaction and the workmanship that will put you to peaceful sleep. We hope that others will benefit as much as we do and if anyone is interested to engage this contractor, do let me know and I would gladly share his contact details with youJ

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On 5/15/2016 at 3:07 PM, yvonne836888 said:


Do you have the contact of this reliable contractor? Do your contractor have HDB Licence?



just pm u


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