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How do you make sure that your kitchen is easy to clean?

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With so much activity in the kitchen, it's not surprising that the kitchen attracts grime like magnet attracts steel. Cleaning it is unavoidable, so the least we could do is to make the kitchen easy to clean.

We have a few ideas to get you started: http://www.renotalk.com/blog/5-steps-to-an-easy-clean-kitchen-849#


To summarise,

1. Have a smooth backsplash - a glass or stainless steel one is ideal.

2. Choose spill-proof flooring - forget tiles, which are susceptible to stuck dirt in the grouting. Instead, go for engineered-wood or laminate flooring.

3. Get a water-resistant countertop - a quartz or stainless steel top works well to repel stains.

4. Avoid top mount sink - instead, get an integrated sink or an undermount sink to eradicate any chance of your food getting stuck in the corner again!

5. Use an induction stove - glass is the easiest to wipe!


What are other tips that you all have to ensure that your kitchen is easy to clean?

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Good sharing! If you're a working parent, really need alot of tips like that to streamline and focus our efforts on what counts most. Prevention better than cure if possible!!


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