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Hello Good Day to Everyone!

Gotten keys quite awhile back, finally can start on my humble home nest (after deciding & finalized of auspicious dates for reno ;p)
Finding IDs wasn't a easy task (alot of hassle), went around seeing 5 IDs , tiring processing cos you need keep repeating same stuffs and your needs over and over again.......

- First 2 IDs, spent quite some time with them and explaining what were the the needs and items, after all the long hours they still like in the lost which also made me in a very lost state too..... (met once only..)

- 3rd and 4th IDs were not too bad, still able to grasp what were the requirements and could propose something interesting for consideration. BUT their quotes were way too high even though their ideas were quite outstanding.....  (had 2 meetings...)

- Last and 5th ID, initially didn't have much expectation... Gradually this finally and 5th ID really able to understand the needs and indeed addressed to the areas that was practical for my family! We had at least 3 meets up, to further discussed on the planning of my house layouts.... We had that kinda of special chemistry that those past 4 IDs couldn't get to and the last 5th ID could come out with even more impressive ideas and designs that really suit my family lifestyle !

After months of discussion with my family, we eventually selected the last and 5th ID - Wilson from DS 2000 Interior & Design
Our family felt comfortable in having him to do up our new home as he really do understand and can achieve the kind of expectations from what we wanted for our new home!

Let me try posting my floor plan ;)


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Humble house allocation!
Main focus is storage, storage and storage ;)

Bedroom 2 as daughter room
Bedroom 3 as son room
Dining table considering to be as per floor plan layout, else will be at balcony to free up living hall space !

Over weekend just completed 'opening door ' rituals !
Will update on the reno works soon.... :)




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Laying cardboard ......
My ID really thoughtful, creates groupchat to give us constant updates on the work progress ! ;)

Up next electrical works !  :rolleyes:


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Electrical works !

Thoughtfulness of our ID - progressive works update, really give us a peace of mind on our reno :D

 On-going false ceiling works.... 
Will update on that soooon :D 




Electrical work 2.jpg


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