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Hi Everyone, this would be my second time posting  my house renovation on renotalk.

my last reno was a 4 room bto in fernvale 6 years ago.. and middle of this year, my hubby convinced me to sell the house to move nearer to my parents' and my daughters' future school.it was a dilemma as we were staying right opposite seletar mall and i love the convenience. but hubby had valid points on why we should sell and so i agreed to put our first hse on the mkt.We sold our house within 3 months but took longer to find a hse that we both like and so had to move into my parents' hse to stay for the meantime.

House hunting

We were looking at serangoon central 5 room flats initially, but the prices of the 30 year old flats were way above valuation and we learnt it the hard way as we had placed the $1000 deposit on a flat before valuation came out to be 55k less than the offered price!!! :wacko:omg.. had to forgo the $1000 deposit as we did not exercise the option in the end.

Le Sigh,gave up the dream of staying at serangoon central area and started looking at amk ave 10 ( prices were similar to serangoon central!) and even hougang but we couldn't find a flat we both like. moved on to serangoon north eventually and found a new listing for a 5 room flat on property guru and we made an appt immediately with the agent. hubby liked the hse after viewing as it was bit like "condo layout" i.e. rooms along a corridor.As for me,it was more of a "lets see if i can turn it into me dream house". We made an offer and seller wanted 90 days extension before putting in option and 3 months extension after sale is completed! :o can't believe we agreed and here we are, waiting for the day we can start renovation.

here is our floor plan of our second home!

floor plan.jpg

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Current condition of the house

Some pictures of the house in current condition

Living room ( Planning to leave the marble floor)


Balcony (Planning to level up to living room height)




Area outside of kitchen


Kitchen (To be totally hacked)


Common Toilet (To be totally Hacked)


Future Study Room (Bedroom 1 with faded parquet)


Girls' bedroom (Bedroom 2 with parquet)





Master bedroom with parquet


Colouring of the marble floor


Wall between living room and dining room (Planning to hack to create a bigger living area)


The "condo layout" that hubby like-- eh. actually all new hdb has this layout wat.. :wacko:What condo layout sia...


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7 hours ago, soulforger said:

The house seems like very well maintained, all the best for your renovation!

yes,  current owners live simply.. no built in carpentry at all :P means less hacking cost.

but renovation was done 19 years ago so must revamp... 


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0ur initial requirements with budget of 35-40k


- full renovation for kitchen

-seal current kitchen door and open new door from another side 

-hack half kitchen wall for lattice window and lower cabinets

-tall unit for oven and storage at the old storeroom door wall

- full renovation of master bedroom toilet and common toilet

- hack living room/dining room wall partition to expand living area 

-level balcony floor to be levelled to living room height

- carpentry for master bedroom (L Shaped wardrobe and tv feature wall together with storage)

- carpentry for one common room bedroom 2(wardrobe)

- marble floor (living room) and parquet (bedrooms) polishing

-leveling of parquet floor in rooms to corridor level

- painting of whole flat

-  tv feature wall cum shoe cabinet cum storage (living room)

- shoe cabinet carpentry

-new doors for all rooms/bathroom/kitchen


quotes came back all higher than 40k! :~

need to rethink some stuff or budget

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House theme

before we set out to meet the ids, we had to come up with a theme to let the designer know our preferences.. so difficult to come with one theme that satisfies our needs and wants.. i want our house to look airy, cosy, bright and yet practical in design to withstand our clutter and junk for at least 10 years. 

I have been savings pictures from , pinterest etc and looking through my saved pictures, they all have the element of wood in them! In 2010, when we were doing up our first house, i was already into the woody theme but our designer came up with a modern theme for us with mirrors. neber knew i had so good foresight and my love for woody elements never wavered (as strong as the wood!:D). so this house i die die also want some wood elements! and  like everyone else, i m leaning towards grey as the accent colour...some pictures for inspiration,Une-touche-de-rose-à-San-Diego-FrenchyFancy-3.jpg


but with wood elements means placing our house  in the widely popular scandinavian theme that everyone is adopting nowadays… so i hope and want to have some different elements to make the house “ours” and of course within our budget.

obstacle that come to my mind is that our existing marble floor  and parquet isn’t that scandinavian in nature.. but we shld be able to come up with a compromise or a design unique to our house..thankfully the marble floor is beige in colour so might blend with the wood elements. 

as for my husband, he doesn’t like clutter (but his wife aka me is a hoarder) so that makes him a minimalist? and he says happy wife equals to happy life.. he is a wise man indeed:rolleyes:

next up, meeting up with ids and their proposed design!




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